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I agree with all you guys about Satanist being more self indulgent then most they also seem to have a "Do on to others" or get back at your enemy point of view. I just thought it would be an intresting thread cause I seen a social experiment done on the Tyra Banks show and she took a couple of Punk/Goth
looking couple put them in a room and asked others opinions about them. As a stereotype experiment and one of the first labels was Satanist.
I see symbols also with majoritys being widely misunderstood.
The inverted Pentagram or upside down pentagram "can" be used as the Symbol of Winter and the Right side up one is the symbol of Summer.
Also the Sigil of Baphomet was adopted once again by Anton Levay used in the Church of Satan but this symbol dates beyond Satanism and not really evil at all. But Baphomet is a sexual and dark desire diety and so there is alot of misunderstandings that go along with this symbol. But yes it can be used for evil and it is in some circles but its true intention was never that of evil. Good thread all "Blessed be".
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Lady Karmae- Amazing post. I'd press the Thank-You button a million times if it were possible :p Very interesting to hear what you had to say on that.

Also, thanks for clearing up the difference between Theistic and LaVayan Satanists, Scarygirl!

Gypsy - I agree with the fact that many of us can be guilty of judging people based on what we see...unfortunately that can happen a lot. It's not right though. I'm somebody who loves horror books, I love quite dark (and at times quite violent) movies, I am obsessed with studying the Occut/Paranormal and I'd rather spend a night in reading about hauntings than spend a night out on the town....Some people have judged me as being "weird" for that, so I know what it feels like to be judged or pigeon-holed into something we're not.
This was an interesting read, I didn't know much (still don't) about Satanists before hand. I learned some things Smile
These people, generally someone actually practicing satanism don't look very different from the average person. I know one who is a psychiatrist, which would be surprising to most people, though it's not something they can share because of the way people view satanism. I used to be one but I've changed and I definetly don't think it's a great choice to be one, but that was in a darker time in my life, which coincidently most satanist change/convert to christianity or become athiest/agnostic when they don't have a negative outlook on life. The way I see it is these people are not bad, or anything like that. They just went down a wrong path, made some different choices than others.
I appreciate you sharing with us AxA. It sounds like whatever the changes you have gone through are definately positive ones, and I for one think you are a very special young lady. I hadn't seen you for a long while and I am very glad to see you back.
well, Satan in Christianity represents evil (negative) entity, thus satanist (who worships Satan) logically represents negative person associated with evil. That's how I see real Satanists from my view. However time goes and more cults and sects are created, and as above mentioned LaVayan Satanists and also other people (more like atheists) who dislike christianity claim being satanists, but it's all nonsense in my humble opinion & they aren't satanists, just wannabes.
Good and evil is all relative. What could be considered evil for some (lets say you for example) might not be evil for others. The question becomes whether or not it is moral, in belief and action. I could argue that many satanist sects are moral, just not in keeping with more Christian values. Does that make them evil? Only you can say if they do, since you have the measure by which you compare what good and evil is. I've given up with good and evil. Now, I focus on what is a logical necessity to make an action moral or immoral.

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