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Hellhound or Spirit Animal?
I would really appreciate anyone’s interpretation of my experience…
One night, a few months ago, After having a mild argument with my boyfriend, I chose to sleep in the upstairs guest bedroom alone. I did Not fall asleep feeling scared or uncomfortable. During the night while sleeping, I got woken up (possibly still dreaming, but this didn’t feel like a normal dream, it was very vivid and real), so, I “woke up” being greeted by my 2 deceased cats from childhood. I could feel the weight of their paws walking over my body. I could feel the warmth of their bodies. I could feel the rumbling of their purring. I remember thinking logically and understanding that this was not “normal”. At first I was scared to move because I didn’t want them to go away. After a few minutes I sat up in bed to interact with them more, and that’s when I noticed the Hellhound at the foot of my bed. It was laying on its hind legs with his font paws straight out in front of him. His head was erect and he was extremely focused. He was much bigger than any Wolfe or Dog. His fur was long/shaggy and dark brown with possibly some red/Orange mixed in. He had a long snout and there was a deep glow in his eyes. I can best describe his appearance to be more like a Wolfe than a dog. It was focused directly on watching the bedroom door. It never took its eyes off of that door. It never spoke to me or physically acknowledged me but it was able to subconsiencly interact with me. I knew Not to speak to it or disrupt his focus. I felt that any movement I made I could set him off into a vicious attack. There was an understanding similar to if I don't mess with it, then it won't mess with me. I knew that he was angry and ready to attack at any moment. I could feel the hate and negativity radiating from him. This whole time while I’m trying to comprehend what I’m experiencing with this hellhound my cats were trying to distract me from it and I couldn’t help but get focused back in on the joy I felt to have my cats. But why was this thing in my room??
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I’m afraid my post might not be very useful.  My expertise, if it can be called that, comes from a Christian point of view, and… to my understanding, ‘hellhounds’ are not an actual thing in the bible.  I did a quick Google search and sure, I got some hits, but when I checked the citations in my own bible the text was not at all what had bin presented on the web page.  It's almost like any goof with a library card can post things on the interweb and pretend it's true.


Also, animals don’t have souls… which isn’t a diss on animals, as angels don’t have souls either… so I don’t really see where the ghosts of yr cats could be visiting you.

When it comes to spirit animals, my knowledge is limited to… well, basically, ‘what sounds right.’  I don’t think yr own cats could become yr personal spirit animals after they passed.  I imagine yr 'spirit animal' would have to exist before you, right?  To look after you from the day you were born?

I can’t say for the dog, but the fact that there was a strange dog and familiar cats provides a conflict for me.  I don’t see where the two pair.  But that’s pure guesswork on my part.  Perhaps someone else with actual knowledge of strange creatures and spirit animals has more to say on the matter.

What I can say, with complete confidence, is that nothing in what you describe indicates that this wasn’t simply a dream.  One constant theme I hear in these forums is that a dream was ‘particularly vivid’ and, almost always, it is accompanied with having ‘just woken up’ or ‘not yet fallen asleep.’  We have our most vivid dreams in that grey period where we’re half awake and half asleep and we can be consciously aware during that period. 

It kinda makes sense, if you think about it.  Part of you was angry with yr boyfriend and so you imagined a hellhound, guarding the door against his intrusion.  You would not feel threatened by the beast, as you felt you were not in the wrong, and hellhounds… in legend… punish the guilty.  But another part of you wanted to forgive him, so a more comforting image… the two cats I imagine you loved, as I loved mine own… tried to distract you from the negative image of the hellhound and the threat it implied.

I also wouldn’t put too much thought into the fact that you could ‘feel’ the weight of yr cats on you, or their warmth.  There is nothing abnormal about experiencing physical sensations in dreams.  It might be uncommon, but it’s not exactly rare, either.

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