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I don't understand my dream it doesn't make sense...
It all started out with a big tree (much like the one off of avatar). I and a few other people I knew were in this tree. I also had my son as well but he was in a crib in the tree along with his cousin, who is only 2 weeks younger to him. I don't know how I knew but I could feel the tree dying. There was this black moss type thing making its way all around the tree and killing it. The roots came up as if the tree was trying to walk away but when the roots came up I yelled at my friend who was in the tree and I was somehow on the ground by the roots to get my son out of the crib. It was too late though I watched the crib fall along with my son and his cousin in it. The tree fell as well and when it hit the ground I was so adamant about finding my son. I saw that my sons cousin was safe was his mom and i was getting weary because i could not find my little boy. I then looked to my left and saw him on the ground in a tall patch of grass but i could only see his little feet and arms waiving in the air. It looked like he was struggling so i ran over to him but he looked different. The black moss had gotten on him and changed him into a small tree monster about the size of an adult. I screamed out my sons name as the monster was running off to an unknown location. I tried to catch up to him while screaming his name but it was like he didn't know who i was. When i finally got his attention he looked at me and I told him that i was his mom. I brought out a baby picture of him and showed him who he really was and it was like he instantly knew who i was. He took me to a building where other people were affected by the black moss and changed and he showed the picture to the others i guess asking for help.
I honestly don't remember the rest of my dream but in the end he didn't turn back into a baby he turned into a grown man. I really don't understand what this dream is supposed to mean but i know the feelings i had in the dream was fear on losing my little boy and that i would never see him again and it broke my heart seeing him as a grown man because i just wanted him to be the little baby he was.
A lot of times, dreams manifest the worries and stresses of daily life. Beyond that, the mind works in interesting psychological ways. The appearance of certain things (such as the tree) could actually mean something else, in relation to your life and what occurs. This is psychologically verified.

I don't think that anything prophetic is going on here, but perhaps there is a bit of anxiety for you, that is rooted in the idea of your son growing up?

This is a link for an article that touches on some anxiety in someone's dream. I'm sure there are also resources out there than can help you make sense of what your experiencing, but I don't know where to find them.
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