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Seeing same world in dreams for many years
For last 20 years or so, sometimes I see dreams which are different from the rest. Those are always "realistic", e.g. I can't fly there, or dinosaurs won't fall from the sky, and so on. Instead, in those dreams I see various places, which resemble, sometimes very distantly, places in our world. Level of detaisl in those dreams is that bg, that sometimes I can draw maps of places where I've been, and which I saw.
There are cities, at first. Two of them look like versions of Moscow and St. Petersburg in Russia; I lived there, so little surprise; however, there are no copies of any part which I know - each has many various districts which generally resemble style of this city (e.g. in that "St. Petersburg" there are many small rivers, canals and 19th century styled buildings). Between them there is a wildland where I've been in several dreams; this is one of three palces where I met really strange thing - some creatures looking like bigfoots, though even in that dream world people generally didn't believe in their existence.
Yes, people - in those dreams of often interact with many people, like I live there in real; I travel across this world, sometimes with same people (some of them resemble my friends, some not at all), and those interactiosn are somewhat logical too - I mean, there I can go to school, or university, or have to wait in airport due to flight reschedule because of blizzard outside.
There I also visited places liek some town on mountain shore of warm sea (likely local version of Spain), orientally looking touristic city somewhere south of "Moscow" (Istanbul? but there were indian motives for sure too), plains looking like Italian rural lands but with rreally high concentration of landmarks and almsot no real houses or towns; polar town build on snow covered dark plain; polar-looking town on the cliff, with some highways and old wooden houses closer to its edge (I saw map in that dream, it was somewhere in russian far east), some warm sea shores with cliffs; various beaches and nice resort towns with lots of shops and cafes, villages with nice wooden houses by the railroads where I travel, and many other places. Once I saw even huge castle in the mountains, which was a hotel as well, and palce of some diplomatic meetings.
What was interesting - places do change! When with yearly difference I visited same abandoned park in dreams, I noticed, that roads are paved there, and lake in bottom place, which I knew, they build a ladder and strengthened swampy shores of lake. World seem to live by its laws!
Surprisingly, despite I lived in America for a long, in those dreams I never visited places like there; can imagien there is only Old World there.
Needless to think, that usually I can control my actiosn there, and, by analyzing after waking up, I can tell that I act almost like I'd act in real life, and usually get same responses.
I know, many peopel see realistic dreams, but those I beleive to be something bigger; It's hard to describe it all in all details, but it feels like this is a real world, a different one, which generally looks like ours, but has countless differences in details.
Does anybody have same experience?
What do you think?
I wonder if you somehow are recalling past lives experiences...? The details might be slightly blurred because it is a past memory but those cities still have a resemblance to actual places.

I used to have recurring dreams of this large white house. Each dream would feature a different room or view of the house. I've wondered if was simply reflecting on different aspect of my persona. Or maybe somewhere out there is my ideal house waiting for me to come home!  Icontexto-emoticons-09-032x032
There's life...and then there's the afterlife.

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