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Need some help
So I have been having a reacurring dream.. almost every night for a little under a week and normally it doesn't bother me but this is different than a normal dream.. it's not a nightmare I've made that difference.. so in this dream I'm in a house I'm unfamiliar with, attempting to sleep in a bed iv never seen.. across the window to the side of my bed I can see another part of this house.. an upstairs room or maybe an attic. There is a creature in the room and a hole in the side of building that I can see through.. it has red glowing eyes that sometimes peek through the hole..normally a dream is a dream.. but In this dream I can't move or do anything about the presence I just lay there. And I can feel it's pressure like tangible malice.. it's not a good creature... Nothing ever happens in the dream just tension and when I wake up I can feel that same tension.. it's almost like when I wake up I can still feel those eyes on me and there's a sense of dread every time I go to bed at night.. dreams don't normally bug me but this one has me spooked... Because I can feel it like it's real.. one of my co workers is really into the supernatural she's saying I may have a demon or some other shadow creature just waiting to pounce and that I should protect myself but I'm not sure how... I want the dreams to stop and I need advice...
TLDR - I think I have some kind of shadow creature attacking my dreams and I need to get rid of it
I have had a dream where...little demons were all over me....i could not move....and i tried to get myself to come out of it...but i could not. Anything associated with a dark bad. Okay, so here is what i feel like i should tell you. You can turn to all kind so get delivered...but In the bible, Jesus dealt with demons...quite a few times. And Jesus is alive in heaven...and he can help you if you ask Him. He never turned anyone away in the bible, and he wont turn you away. Trust me...He's helped me deal with them...he's gotten me out of a lot of trouble. Also, he's helped a couple of other people I know.

Now, I want to know...have you done anything like...spirit communication? Or ghost hunting? or anything like that. Because if you do stuff like that, you open yourself up to all kinds of stuff...and to be honest...most of them arn't good. I've never heard of anyone running into Jesus or Angels while Ghost hunting or communicating with spirits. Also, some tv shows...that are associated with the paranormal have brought spirits into houses (sounds strange but it's it.) Don't communicate with spirits...just stop doing it. If you want to do spiritual stuff...find a Pentecostal/non denominational church...they are active in serving the Lord in spiritual ways. They cast out demons and pray prayers that heal people. Personally I've been seeking God to Deliver people from demons...because there are so many people that suffer from that...and homes too. I just know that there's not a lot of people working in that service right now.

So my advice would be to pray...expect Jesus to help you..and when he does...thank Him..and ask Him into your life...and ask him to help you with other stuff to.
He's done so much for me. He healed me from A.D.H.D. :-)

-God Bless,

(I'm just posting advice...because someone is asking for help.
Not trying to push my religion on anyone.)

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