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Does he know?
Okay so I have been not having dreams of this guy . The last time I dreamt of him was October oct 2016 he talked to me in my my dream not sure why he was talking to me at a school I've never even attended. Anyway he looked me in the eyes when we were sitting down and told me we can't be together in this world. Now I been dreaming of him since age 12. Is this his way of letting me go because I tried revealing him on youtube? Meaning before I had this dream I was talking about him on youtube. Maybe he is upset because of this?
This world is just an illusion always trying to change you...
We may need a few more details about "this guy". Is he someone you actually know etc.? Maybe he's letting you go because you no longer need to dream of him. The message from your subconscious could be that since you are now no longer 12, you are strong enough to go forward on your own. It could be meant as a positive sign of growth and that you need to let go of the past.
There's life...and then there's the afterlife.

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