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Floating/flying silver sphere/orbs?
(08-29-2010, 01:09 AM)Lanosrep Noitamrofni Wrote: I saw a floating silver ball in the sky at a low altitude right before a bad thunderstorm. At first I thought it was a balloon, but as I observed it I noticed it had no string, or any other features that a balloon would have. It was a perfect sphere.

I youtubed "silver orb" and found two separate news broadcasts from South America where silver orbs were flying in the sky. Very convincing videos, and the thing that I witnessed looked like it could be the same thing as in the videos.

What could it be, and has anyone else seen these yet?
Hi. I live in central Ca. I saw a silver orb flying west to east over O'Neal's
Ca. Madera County. On Wednesday 10/12/16 at 7:45 am. A person I spoke to later that day has been seeing them ,multiple times,near sunset. Near North Fork Ca.
Three months ago, in August, my Dad and I saw an orb, moving west to east, as we were driving down from Tioga Pass. Near Yosemite. I spoke to someone later who said their family saw it fly over their property later in the same day that we saw it.
Between Bass Lake and North Fork. On the latest sighting, it just kinda disappeared while I was looking at it.


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