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The Epworth Rectory Poltergeist
The family home of John Wesley, founder of the Methodist Church, is haunted. One of the most famous of Lincolnshire. It is now a bed and breakfast, open for you to stay for the night and judge for yourself whether or not the house is truly haunted.

Quote:One of the most famous hauntings ever was that of the Epworth Rectory in Lincolnshire, in December 1716 and January 1717. Epworth Rectory was the home of the not so popular Reverend Samuel Wesley. In 1709, villagers who disapproved his stern principles and teachings, set fire to the building and injured the livestock. The rectory was rebuilt, but few years later the rest was again disturbed, now by a genuine Poltergeist. One of the children of the reverend who witnessed the phenomena was John Wesley, who later became the founder of the Methodist Church. The whole story of The Haunting of Epworth Rectory is fully described and documentated by John Wesley, in his own words and in the letters he collected from his family. If you can appreciate a spooky true story, you'll find these Letters concerning some Supernatural Disturbances at my father's house at Epworth in Lincolnshire here. Reading the letters is... well, close to being there!

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