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Seeking Immortal Vampire
Hi TheUnbeholden

Like you, I also believe in vampires that are immortal, and i shall someday also go in search of one, I am a strong believer in the 18th century vampires.

But, there are such things as modern vampires, vampires that exist amongst people, mostly dressing in black (like goths), because black absorbs energy, possibly for psychic vampires. So I'm sure you'll find someone.Even I would like to be immortal, but seriously, think about it, to wander the earth for centuries, alone? you will lose family and friends, is that what you really want?

But they are out there, good luck in your search, I hope you get well soon...
Ignorance is Bliss but Knowledge is Power
For obvious reasons I can't give you the information you seek. I'm sworn to secrecy as are others who know the truth about Vampires. I am interested as to what you know though? Because I know the origins and a lot more so maybe we can open up a dialogue of some sort and search this out together.
Coming from someone who knows from experience, be careful what you seek. Those who keep searching don't find a sparkling well mannered romantic who wants to take you and make you their eternal companion. You'll find, at your worst, a mentally ill person who will emotionally or physically harm you. People have died looking for vampires, if you don't think their is danger, look up Katherine Ramsland and her novel where she goes undercover in the vampire underground. She ends up being tied up and almost killed because of it.

I understand how bleak life can seem, but darling you are only 18! Life will get better! You are in college with your TOTAL life ahead of you! You have to fight to be happy in this world, trust me.

I wish you the best in your endeavors!
(07-25-2010, 03:30 PM)Sune-ku Onnanoko Wrote: im not saying there are not vampire or that there are, but if there was some thing like that i dont think they would say they are one to any one, they would probably have laws that they should not expose them selfs. if they did not then i think every one would know that they really are real.. so i would not expect to find one that will be jumping up and down saying here i am!. If they are real.. i know if i was one i would not say i was to any one. if you expose your self, as something different you would be hunted by a lot of different things and people! ya know. if you really think about it... then there is also the people that would think you are lying, if you said you where one! or they think your crazy..
I assure you that vampires if they exist can easily sit on those sites and use those sites to fish easy target's and now day's they don't even need to worry much about exposure since the media world became an easy toy for any one with a bit of power, and I assume vampire's have some power, so having such request's are common and I bet if vampire's exist they use those sites, to hide, to reveal and to play around, but most likely if a vampire will reply and will decide to meet then you most likely be food rather then future vampire.
I haven't ever experienced a being that was similar to a Bram Stoker typed creature. I have experienced shadow beings, and some people feel that they are parasitic. I don't think that is always the case, but I do know someone I deeply trust who had an experience like that with one of them. It is possible that some of these beings are shape shifters, and could appear as something like an Anne Rice vamp, and I do have a friend who shared such an experience. She said that it stalked around her house, looking in the windows, and clawing at them. It apparently wanted to be let in, but she did not let it in.

Does anyone know what happened to this vampire kid?
(01-13-2015, 05:29 AM)Tydrumdrum Wrote: Does anyone know what happened to this vampire kid?

No one has heard from him since his post looking for real vampires.


Kidding. He wandered off, I guess.
Well, that was truly.. interesting. I hope he's alright and not someones hamburger helper :/
Many people who want instant gratification go away if they're confronted with common sense.


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