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Spider meanings?
I HATE spiders. They are my worst terror....

I've been tormented by them since childhood. I've dreamed of them, hallucinated seeing them on me, and even had my father find and kill a unusually large one.....I mean, large enough to be run over by a lawn mower. Not kidding.....
(07-18-2010, 03:11 PM)SweetyStacey Wrote: Anyone know about a spider's spiritual or paranormal meaning? I do remember reading somewhere that a spider is a god? in some traditions.

The reason I ask is because I occasionally get these random images in my head, and they usually turn out to be of some signifigance to my life. Last night I had a flash image in my head of a black and white striped spider.

Any ideas?


Nope, no idea at all but I can tell you I've seen a black and white stripped spider in real life. Because it was sitting in my hallway on my porch on it's web. Pretty neat looking and was helping with the flies and other flying bug problem but my landlord squished it.. I wanted to leave it there because it was helping keeping the flying bugs down. but ever since he squashed it I haven't seen one since.

There creepy bugs but they help out alot with the flying bugs.
Butterfly Life is not measured by how many breaths you take, but by how many moments in life that take your breath away.
I always have been taught that a spider means an enemy. And that has always turned out to be true in my life, as far as dreams of them. Now I think that there is something to be said. For how you look at a spider. If you like them, or are not frightened of them. Maybe it isn't something negative to that person. I know different people, have different trains of thought on this... Mel

"Be who you are, and say what you want
Because those that matter, don't mind
And those that mind, don't matter"

~Dr Suess~
I am very much aware of spiders in native myth or believes how ever you can say it... I once went to a shaman to figure out my animal guides I had 3 go figure... the Deer, The wolf and the Spider. during the days I followed my dreams more I had kept journals of them... when I had a dream of a spider I had a good day I was happier then.
Spiders are sometimes used for spirit totems in Native American spiritualality. It would be the Chinese who think to have a spider in the house is lucky, and the Hindu would feel it is the same sin of killing whether it be a spider or a human. They would just shoo them out of the house rather then squash them.

I am not particularly bothered by spiders usually, when we lived in Tennessee though I fully admit to killing a few wolf spiders and a black widow. They are poisonous so I didn't really want them in my house and the nearest hospital was an hour away. Beyond that I don't mind a few spiders hanging around the yard and whatnot, they do eat mosquitos and I am highly sensitive (nearly allergic) to mosquito bites. Those little buggers also like me, I am a mosquito buffet. I do love the outdoors as well so yes, that wonderful perfume I am wearing is bug repellant. Attractive, eh?

I don't really hold a particular traditional meaning for spiders, though I will say they are a wonderful symbol of life. They are resilient, have lasted the ages without being wiped out by much larger and more powerful species...and still just want to build thier homes and weave thier beautiful webs, and provide for themselves with the insects they catch. As a child, it was a spider in a web that prompted my first conversation with God...

It was over that web sparkling in the sunlight on a beautiful summer day that I pondered the artistry and amazing work of that spider. Instead of the prayer that I had been taught by my mother and those at church, the prayer that works one way from me to God and ends there...I learned that I could have a two way conversation with the Creator. He revealed to me that this amazing creature was created with purpose and with a plan. A spider doesn't just catch bugs, it has a place in the universe.

I don't really know what the meaning of a spider may be or what it sybolizes...but I do know that there was once a spider in a web that taught me a lesson on a deeper spiritual level. I was a 7 year old child, and it initiated a personal relationship with God. The thing is, God will use whatever it may be to catch our attention and draw us to His focus...for me it was a spider, and so I have a special place in my heart for them.
LK, that was beautiful. Sure gives it a whole new perspective, doesn't it? =)
“Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away.” ~Philip K. Dick

In the beginning we contracted this reality out to the reality builders they made creatures in there own image we call it nature but people can make ghost and the spiders and a few other kinds on other continents are the only things that can get rid of what was created. Ghost have only ever showed people what the ghost are afraid of the most

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