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talking to shadow people?
hello i dont really know much about these shadow people but i have been seeing them for some time but what if i want to talk to one of them? i also do some reiki and ive been told im pretty good at it a kind of natural but im wondering would it possible to talk to these shadows through reiki? has anyone tried this or have any other ideas on it?
Welcome to the forum Max.

Isn't Reiki a form of healing using energy? Japan based?

I'm not sure what you mean by talking to Shadow people thru Reiki..
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Welcome to the forum, max...

Perhaps you could tell us where you are seeing these "shadow people" and what they look like.

I don't practice Reiki, but someone in the forum might.

Please correct me if I am wrong. As I understand it, Reiki involves laying on of hands and transferring energies. How would one lay one's hands upon a "shadow person" that is not a solid being? How would that allow you to communicate?

You might want to read the Energy section here on Shadow People.
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I would think that one has nothing to do with the other, as far as communication.
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Angel WIngs

yes you are both correct but if we percive emotions as a form of energy could it not be possible to channel this emotional energy to a general direction of were we may believe a shadow person is standing?

and i have only seen these people out of the corner of my eye never full face to face but i have always felt there presence of fear and dispare. however my fiancee says she has been seeing one across the room from her bed in full view.
Why not just try talking to them? You may be surprised at how often communicating by talking to the unknown will work!

On a recent investigation, we had shed-loads of shadow creature-related phenomena. During that, we had a voice talk to us. Don't know if it was definitely a paranormal event (although we haven't debunked it so far), or if indeed it was a shadow creature if it was a paranormal event, but I certainly took part in a conversation with something!
i agree with GhostsandMore.
just try talking to it.
whats the worst that could happen?
(06-30-2010, 07:26 AM)destroyer1326 Wrote: i agree with GhostsandMore.
just try talking to it.
whats the worst that could happen?

It could talk back (or sing the Dr Pepper tune) :p Knowing me...that would actually give me a fright!
ok i will try that aswell thank you very much
Hey if you get to talk to one, find out what the heck they are and what are they doing..
I would REALLY like to know!!!!!
Why do they wear hats? what is their purpose!
Never heard of one talking , but would be awesome to know these things!

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