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OOBE linked to sleep paralysis?
Was just doing some reading last night and a section on Out of body experiences got me thinking.

The book says that you experience an OOBE every night in the state between of barely being awake and falling asleep..and you know that thing that people talk about where the get jolted and feel like they're falling in bed? I was thinking is that when we experience that we're having OOBE's and the falling feeling we get is our soul/spirit whatever you want to call it, being jolted back into our physical body.

And the same thing applies to sleep paralysis, when we're asleep we are actually out of our bodies and we get jolted back to our physical bodies and the shock temporarily gives us that paralysis..possible?

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I used to have sleep paralysis but I don't notice it anymore these days. The way it works is that I wake up inside my dream but it was just another dream.

Also something else is that I actually wake up but I can't seem to move my body. I can't open my eyes either but I am aware of my surroundings since it is my room. It takes awhile for me to be able to control my body but most times I just fall back to sleep.
I'm glad I found your post! I was looking for one relating one to another. When I was 15-16 I took a short nap, when I woke up I guess it felt like I was walking around in my room but it didn't seem right. Once I started to wake up more I was on my bed and couldn't move, the OBE lasted maybe a minute or so. At the time it didn't seem like much (passing it off as I was just half awake, but the more my mind cleared after waking up the more strange it seemed.

Side note: Upon noticing I was in my bed It was almost like a jolt went through me like my whole body twitched. Not knowing much on the subject I never questioned the experience until now.
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