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The Legend Of Robert The Doll
love this story! but i read the slave put some of roberts hair into making the doll hence how hes tied with the doll. I think a part of his soul went into the doll but when gene himself died his entire soul possessed the doll as it was the most important thing to him
I've been a big fan of Robert since I first heard about him years ago. I even sent him a birthday card on his birthday at the East Martello Museum (he's quite popular, he gots a lot of mail). I made a donation to the museum for the heck of it. They sell little replicas of Robert & his stuffed lion, along with the rocking chair he sits in. I had to have one! Here's my little Robert~

[Image: robert_zpse0d2f247.jpg]

I still wonder, though, about that supposed spirit inside him. If it was dying, it should be gone by now you'd think, but they won't say.
He has his own facebook fanpage too:
Rober the Doll - Facebook Page
"To really ask is to open the door to the whirlwind.
The answer may annihilate the question and the questioner."
Whatever you think about Robert the Doll, the thing is sufficiently creepy.

I see the little turn-coat is posing for photos now! Did you ask permission first?
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Attribute by linking to a thread originally posted by me, Jadewik. Thanks.

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