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Massive Maya City Revealed by Lasers
You'll have to go to the link for the cool photos. Tongue

Quote:Airborne lasers have "stripped" away thick rain forests to reveal new images of an ancient Maya metropolis that's far bigger than anyone had thought.

An April 2009 flyover of the Maya city of Caracol used Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) equipment—which bounces laser beams off the ground—to help scientists construct a 3-D map of the settlement in western Belize. The survey revealed previously unknown buildings, roads, and other features in just four days, scientists announced earlier this month at the International Symposium on Archaeometry in Tampa, Florida.

University of Central Florida anthropologists Arlen and Diane Chase have spent decades hacking through the tangled undergrowth that has engulfed the powerful city—which thrived between A.D. 550 and 900. So far they've uncovered only a tiny fraction of the ruins.

"It's like literally removing all of the plant growth, so that we can see down below," Arlen Chase said.

The Chases direct the University of Central Florida Caracol Archaeological Project, a collaborative effort with the Belize Institute of Archaeology. NASA funded the 2009 LiDAR survey, which was carried out by the National Center for Airborne Laser Mapping.

Source with cool pix
cool looking stuff. Smile
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I apologize, spelling is my nemesis, and I am too lazy to use spell check first. Smile

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I have bookmarked it thanks, will read in detail .
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That's pretty interesting. I didn't know that we had that type of airborne technology to do that. Thanks for sharing!
This is amazing. What's next?
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They are going to find so many artifacts now, This is a big discovery...Cool Thanks... I love stuff like this.

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I read the press releases a while back when first discovered. Thanks so much for posting this!

I think this is going to be one of the best, if not the best, archeological discoveries in my lifetime.
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I love LiDAR. The land development department at my work has used it in conjunction with BIM. It's AWESOME.

Basically, it's a laser that gathers thousands of points of information which are then mapped and drawn in a computer. We use it mostly for gathering data for existing structures... but who would have thought to use it in conjunction with DTM data. Nice.

Thanks for the story.

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