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Supernatural Entities Can Be Invited Into Your Home!
There are some people that intentionally summon evil entities. They work hard at it and put all of their energy and will into it! Most of us realize that these people, are summoning a demon for their own gain. Perhaps revenge, the person may not like someone, may indeed hate someone and call upon a evil to do their dirty work. Or, even believe that having their own "pet" demon will give them more power!

Then there are those who are just so evil themselves, evil is just magnetically attracted to them. Sort of a "kindred spirit" thing if you get my meaning! I don't think that most of these people even need to put much work or will into attracting evil! But, lot's of people are neither of those.

There's lot's of good people that bad things happen to. Being good don't always magically keep evil away, it's their job to try to make you life a living hell! Sometimes someone that has never experienced things in their lives will move into a house that is infested with evil and begin having all kinds of problems.

Sometimes, you might move into a house that is inhabited by a harmless spirit that has just lost it's way, gotten trapped on our plane, or has just not accepted the fact they're no longer a part of the living world! But, there are times that without even knowing you literally "invite" these things into your home!

One way you can "invite" a spirit or demon into your home, is through items. Let's say that maybe you've just inherited a gorgeous antique, or bought one. If anything supernatural has attached itself to the item, when you bring it into your home, you're bringing whatever is "in it" into your home as well.

However, I do not believe the item has to be old. I believe it can be any item of any age. But, it's usually the older pieces of furniture and things that have been around so long that usually end up haunted!

Another way, is to invite someone into your home that is carrying a demon. Not demon possessed, but has just had a demon, or spirit attach themselves to them. I posted a story involving this exact thing, "The Hitchhiking Demon"

People can literally knowingly or unknowingly have supernatural entities cling to them. When you invite this person into your home, you're in essence inviting the spirit or demon as well. They become sort of a packaged deal!

In some cases, yes, the person knows exactly what they're doing, they know the entity is there and they purposely leash it upon you. But, in many cases, the person has no idea that they've been the bringer of supernatural torment!

I don't know why entities choose to cling to someone that has entered their "domain" and leave with them. But, without a doubt I believe they do. I've had things like this happen too many times. And, in "The Hitchhiking Demon", I've described the most recent occurrence of this exact thing.
Excellent post Haunted. It is because of great posts like this that you have the "Wings" in your profile!

The presence of those seeking the truth is infinitely to be preferred to the presence of those who think they've found it. ~ Terry Pratchett

The Paranormal Beliefs Survey  ~^*White face*^~  Paranormal Questions & Answers
Ohhh Thanks so much CareTaker! I just hope some of my threads and posts helps someone, or at least get's them thinking!
Huh, ever since joining this forum a few hours ago, I've gained quite a bit of knowledge. ...How do you know if you have a demon attached to you? I'm quite curious about this. Do they simply follow you around? Or do they...cling onto or wrap around you?

And thank you for this thread.
These are just totally my opinions resulting from my experiences.

I believe that some demons just follow people where ever they go. Not all of them will remain in a home or place that person goes into. Some are there to torment that person and will just stay right with them.

I'm not really quite sure why some will just suddenly decide to stay behind when the person leaves a place. Maybe there's just something that attracts them to the place, like another entity that's already in the house, negative energies, or even a person that lives there.

The best way I can think of to describe how they cling to a person is to compare them with smoke. For instance, the way the smell of smoke clings to your clothes, hair and skin. The way people who don't even smoke cigarettes will smell of cigarette smoke when they're around someone else that smokes. They're like a energy that is just around them all the time.

I also believe that some people who have demons or spirits with them have no idea that something is there. Then there are other people, that know there's something following them. Then there are the ones that intentionally bring something into your home because they're mad at you, feel threatened or whatever. They just want you to suffer for some reason!
I understand what you mean. Thanks for clarifying. That was kind of what I had imagined. xD
I love your articles Haunted. Another great one! Thanks for all the info. I can't wait to read more.
I've not been on here very long, but I've really taken a liking to your postings. Great Job, honestly.
[]His Wifey[]
Our Haunted is a treasure on this forum. She is one of the most honest, compassionate people on here, and her advice is teriffic. That along with an excellent style of writing (I always feel like I'm hearing you talk when I read your posts, Haunted) has made her input invaluable here.
“Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away.” ~Philip K. Dick

Thank you so much scary, now I'm blushing. I am just so passionate about the paranormal, I know that there are some skeptics here and that doesn't bother me at all. If I'd not dealt with so much in the past, I'd probably be a skeptic to. We need skeptics like UglyNRude that can provide us with so much great information on the "other side of the coin". That man can really make you think and I love that.

I just feel like I've been through so much, that there has to be a reason for it. I think that reason was to learn so that I could help others. Not sure how many I've actually helped, but Lord knows if no one has been helped it's not from a lack of trying.

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