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Supernatural Entities Can Be Invited Into Your Home!
(04-05-2016, 03:44 AM)kajdziocha Wrote: Haunted items- sure, a huge proof is what we can find in Warrens' Occult Museum: tones of objects that carry evil energy or have evil spirits attached to them, including the famous Annabelle doll. Honestly, it kind of scares me, that there are so many "evil objects" out there. My friend found an earring once and he thought it looked cool - he is really into all kinds of shining little stuff. Anyway, he decided to clasp it to his dreadlock and as a result, carry it everywhere with him. It only took two or three days until he started seeing weird things around him. He's not a psychic and definetely isn't interested in paranormal things, but what he saw totally freaked him out. He said there were creepy creatures everywhere around him staring at him as he walked through dark streets or the park.He could hear noises, scratches, sometimes even voices. It all ended with the moment when he realized what he was carrying. The moment he threw the earring away, everything stopped. I'm not sure if we can count it as a haunted object, but it certainly did carry a lot of negative energy.

Actually, do you know any way to get rid of the energy or entity attached to an item without getting rid of the item itself? Or does it have to be destroyed?

Wash the item in salt water to remove the emotional attachments. Ocean's best, if you have access, but salted tap water will work.

I believe I had one or something really bad attached to me. Maybe a demon or something. I have lived in a haunted house where things followed us when we moved. As a teen I got into the occult and it got really bad and then worse when I decided to throw away my occult stuff. I was always sick, hear and see things, hear loud violent noises, the dogs going crazy at something I can not see. My head was always clouded, was not able to read the bible. Then when I was babtized I became deathly ill almost immediately after coming out of the water but from that point on no more evil. it was like a burden off my shoulders. All the sudden my head was clear I can concentrate and lead a more normal life. I still had ghostly events but nothing negative anymore.

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