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Poll: Have You Experienced Sleep Paralysis?
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Have You Ever Exerienced Sleep Paralysis?
I have not experienced this. It sounds terrifying, so I really would
not like any part of it~lol
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I've never experienced Sleep Paralysis before, but it sounds terrifying! Not something I want to experience. I suspect the cause to be some kind of entity, most likely not a good one.
OK this is worrying lol Before this thread I wasn't aware of sleep paralysis, I just figured it was a messed up nightmare..

Only ever happened once, round a certain friend's house. His house is 200+ years old and I'm still sceptical as before I slept he'd told me he'd seen stuff as a kid and they'd had a medium in after the whole family started seeing things. It is apparently haunted.
Anyway, during the night I woke up a number of times lying on my front, completely paralized and full of fear, feeling someone was stood right over me.

Next morning I told him and instead of joking or coming up with more stories he just wouldn't talk about it. Haven't stopped over since.

Scary stuff lol
It was related tto a sleep disorder and was part of a series of sleep study tests.
I have experienced sleep paralysis probably a dozen times or so. All during a period of a couple of years while in my early 20s. I do not believe it is paranormal. Mainly because these occurences happened to me during the couple of years time that I was experimenting with lsd. So I believe that it is probably caused by some sort of a chemical imbalance. But it is exactly how many people describe it. And very scary. You truly cannot move any part of your body even though you are in somewhat of a conscience state and partially awake. It's not something that I ever care to experience again.
I've experienced it several times during my life. I've found it always happens to me after I watch horror I don't really think there is anything paranormal about it. In biology and anthropology courses I've taken, sleep paralysis is discussed in terms of evolution. Professionals in these areas believe that it evolved to keep our primate ancestors from falling out of trees while they slept. As natural prey animals, we didn't lose it as we evolved to prevent being seen by predators who hunt at night--if we aren't thrashing about, we have less of a chance of being found when we're vulnerable.

In psychology classes I've had, I've learned that it occurs during REM sleep (the part of sleep where we're dreaming), so I've always attributed any fear to a bad dream I may have just been having. I also personally feel the fear might be instinctual: if we can't move, we can't run from enemies = fear and panic.

So, I don't believe this is caused by any entities. However, I'm not against the idea that they would use this time when we are vulnerable and already terrified to try and do...whatever it is they want to do.

That's my two-cents.
I experienced sleep paralysis several times when I was a teenager and in my early twenties. It was the most horrific feeling, being a prisoner of your body, fully aware but unable to move. It has been discussed in other threads as the result of the brain waking up before the body is "activitated" again so to speak. I agree with this.

However on one of the times that I was in sleep paralysis I was concentrating really hard to get my right hand to move over to pinch my left arm when I suddenly felt an incredible sense of release and was suddenly floating above myself looking down onto my sleeping body. It was exhilirating and terrifying at the same time. I came back into my body and shortly after was able to move again.
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I've never experienced sleep paralysis and I wouldn't want to either. Knowing me I would probably get freaked out to the point of screaming, and I'd wake my boyfriend up if I did that. I know a while back, his mother explained that she felt like she was being held down by something stronger then her and it scared her because she thought something was really wrong and she couldn't move either.

But I don't think it's happened to her since. I'm glad I've yet to have it but I do feel bad for the people who do get it. It can be a scary situation if your new to it like my boyfriends mother was.
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I have experienced SP before, a few times, each and everyone terrifing, iv had ones where iv felt a force holding me so as i cant move and then it drags me up the wall on to the ceiling, while having these SP's or nightmares, iv said to myself this IS ONLY a dream and iv tried to relax myself,but, either way be it paranormal or a safety device the body has, its horrible terrifying and actually makes me afraid to fall asleep.
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Yes, i do on a regular basis, and have already had the sleep studies done. The strange thing about it now is, it usually happens when i doze off in my lazy boy recliner, not in my bed. My chair is in my living room, and thats where many other strange things also happen. Could be the chair, could be the room.
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