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Poll: Have You Experienced Sleep Paralysis?
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Have You Ever Exerienced Sleep Paralysis?
Studies have shown that it actually happens often but you fall asleep afterwards and forget about it.
T^T then i wish i would just forget it....
you know this actually hap
I'm on the fence about "sleep paralysis." I've experienced something a few times. The first time, I was in college, top bunk of my dorm room. I was awakened by two men's voices arguing in a foreign language, their heads were beside my bed. The second time was also in college, a different room, and typical of how they describe it: I woke up unable to move, feeling terrified.

A few years ago, we were on vacation, stayed the night at someone's house - an old friend of my husband's brother, so we didn't know him well, but we all got along well. He and my husband had a long talk, and decided we should all pray together, so we did, but there was a sense that we all felt, like a wall we couldn't get through. We were finally like, oh well, and ended it, went to bed. My son and I slept in a room with two twin beds. I woke up in the darkness, sensing a "lion" at the foot of my bed. I say a lion, because it felt big and powerful enough to kill, it was either good or evil. In any case, it wasn't trying to get me, it was just there, and I was unnerved. Finally I reached over and turned on the bedside lamp to show myself that it wasn't "really" there, so I could relax and sleep.
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I've experienced it before, but I've never had the feeling like someone was in the room with me or anything.
I woke one evening after a paranormal tour in New Orleans because I felt something holding me down. I couldn't move but I feel it was out of fear and like I said this "thing" holding me down. It actually happened twice that night. The second time, I actually saw a hand on my arm. As soon as I saw the hand it disappeared and I could move again. Not really sure what category to put that experience under.

On a side note. The next morning I described to the front desk clerk what had happened and she said it was a common experience in that particular room.
That is weird...I would say just normal SP, but why would so many people experience it in that one room? That's what makes me wonder if there isn't more to it than just some kind of sleep phenomenon.
“Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away.” ~Philip K. Dick

(10-25-2009, 06:17 PM)scarygirl67 Wrote: That is weird...I would say just normal SP, but why would so many people experience it in that one room? That's what makes me wonder if there isn't more to it than just some kind of sleep phenomenon.
Honestly.....from my research it sounded like an incubus or sucubus attack. Now I don't know if I believe in that, but there's obviously enough of these occurrences going on in society that people have created all kinds of things to explain them. Somethings happening to people. Something happened to me.

The fact that it kept happening in that particular room I thought indicated a spirit or perhaps ghost. Perhaps it was attached to an object in the room. It was not a new hotel, it was a renovated plantation home. Who knows? That's why I'm glad I found you guys. Maybe someone will have had something similar have happened to them.
I experienced it SEVERAL times in one house I lived in. It is the scariest thing not being able to move and nothing there physically causing it. I have read a lot about it here. I never connected it with spirits or shadow people until I got in to this forum. I'm not saying that isn't possible. I think it was UNR (forgive me if I am wrong) that said in one of the threads it is caused by the body waking up too quickly. That makes sense to me. Since we astral project in our sleep, it seems that if the body wakes up before the energy has completely re-entered, then we have to wait for it to settle in.
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Yes, I have. And I always feel like I'm being smothered.
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