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Beware of Certifications!!!
(04-26-2010, 04:01 PM)scarygirl67 Wrote: I heard about this place recently, and it floors me that this is able to be done!

The International Board of Paranormal is offering certification for paranormal investigators. They justify it by saying the "consumers are increasingly more knowledgeable and sophisticated about specializations and areas of expertise." other words, more people will want you investigating if you have a piece of paper saying you're a professional.

First quote UNR there are NO professionals in the paranormal field! It is a field that is always changing. Much of what was considered paranormal evidence ten, five, even three years ago has been this is bogus from the get go.

The fee? $100.00

For this you get a search near your city for paranormal teams in your area (which I did for free online) a submission of your background information (because apparently these days it costs $100.00 to mail an envelope) and a formal introduction done for you by these folks.

Can anybody say....SCAM?????

I want to make everyone aware...anyone offering certification in this field is offering something that does not exist in reality. There are no experts in the paranormal field. At most, we have those who have studied and researched the subject extensively. And you know what?? They will be the first ones to tell you something like this is a scam.

Surely you jest. That has got to be some scam, to get money or make available to those who want to use it to get money.Blueoh

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