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The Hat Man
Uhm... Hello! I'm new to this but I joined this to help people and share my experiences. I'm what I like to call... A partial clairvoyant, I see spirits demons and I feel auras and I was just drafting this when I read this my jaw fell open. This story hits very close to home, I have experienced this and so have many other people. You are not alone. Now whatever you do DO NOT FEED IN TO IT! Everything supernatural feeds off of fear. I learned this the hard way. Do not make the same mistake, you are stronger than this. I have been plagued by this exact demon when I was little but as I said earlier I'm a partial clairvoyant I was used to this so I knew the dangers of oppression. And something tells me you are in that stage. Now, I don't know ur religion but I'm a Roman Catholic and I believe in God and what I would do is the next time you see him make the cross in the air and say "In the name of God leave me and my family alone." If the shadow figure returns please reply this could get very serious very fast. Just remember to stay calm, relax, and do not let it have control over you.
That hat man gets about, referred to as the Tall Man of Brook, in the New Forest, Hampshire, England.
According to Betty Puttick on P96 of 'Supernatural England' a survey revealed 10% of people have seen a ghost, and that most saw the ghost as someone living. Well, i never.
The Tall Man wears a long black frock coat and a talk brimmed hat. Three cyclists passed him three times, each time being a quarter mile further on, a bit like instant replay without the environ. Also in 'GHOSTS of East Anglia' by H.Mills West, the man, shown on the cover, in the tall black hat, appeared to the author in 1980 while coin hunting. As the author approached the hatman to ask directions, the hatman vanished when the author was within a few yards. Back to the forest. There's witches everywhere. I'm not sure, i'm not female, but i think women have a natural power that can be called on, especially where children are in danger. I seen it in 1970. Briefly. A woman's scream moves her young son who's been sent in the air by a slow car, such that he lands safely. How it seemed, but i will never really know. Such is the beauty of mystery. Back to the forest. My last girlfriend was a witch of sorts, there seems to be a variety of witcherys. Anyway, i was coerced to see her friend Di in the forest, to remove any entities i may have. I went anyway. Di's house is light. Long story short, something i imagined was removed, but the two big and massively muscled blue lighted spirit guides were not. No matter, i digress. Back to the forest. So we head back, it's gotten dark. We take the pretty dark road through the forest. Stop in a small gravel off road bit, in the trees. Coffee et al. I get out for a slash. Lights are off, it's almost black. What one might call a tree light, comes from a tree, like it's the tree's spirit, bluish white light and into the gravel area, nearby. What one might call a tree sprite climbs out of a tree, into the gravel space, from another side further in the trees, comes two small beings of bluish white light, and a couple more. They gather and get close and i turn off my sight. If i wasn't having a slash, i would have kept seeing, maybe. I've done that several times, and later i wish i had continued to see it through. Alright. I've gone on. Thanks
I have seen a man in a hat in a dream of mine. He wasn't a shadow person because he had dimension. I could see he had a face but shadows were covering it. He was under a magnolia tree with three other shadowy figures. I have had shadow people dreams before, and could feel that they were pure evil, but for some reason I didn't feel that from this man in a hat. I felt like he had something he needed to show me.

However, through out the dream I did have this sense of impending doom. Like evil was coming, which I have felt in shadow people dreams before.
I dreamt about a man wearing a hat. He was very clear but not scary. I don't know why it stayed with me but I shared the story with a few people.

A friend told me this comes from the days when men used to wear hats and that these entities feel comfortable wearing a hat in the next life. I was satisfied with her story.
I don't think anyone has yet the meaning of seeing hatman but he is a very common apparence. I have not seen him self but have seen someone else that I don't know anyone else expect for the people in the house to have seen. And I'm the one seen him the best from the house. The only thin I ever think of while hearing of the hatman is that it makes me think of Freddy Krueger, for some reason sense I used to watch those movies all the time.

"To play a wrong note is insignificant, To play without passion is inexcusable" ~ Ludvig van Beethoven
Hello all, I'm brand-new to the forum. Not quite sure what compelled me to search for such a site as I've been seeing shadow people for several years. In fact, the first time I saw one, I didn't even know this was a shared phenomenon. I had heard/read the word 'shade' in Greek mythology, but, somehow, even after seeing them, I didn't make the connection until a few years ago when I finally got my own personal computer and was randomly compelled to do a bit of research. Anyway, on to my experience(s).

The first time I saw a shadow person, he was wearing a hat. I had just awoken from anesthesia in the ICU after emergency surgery to repair damage sustained via a gunshot wound. I remember being in immense amounts of pain and looking around to see the nurse beside my bed, my mom standing behind her and behind my mother was a dark figure that seemed to be wearing a long coat with a wide, upturned collar, and a wide, flat brimmed hat with a short, cylindrical, flat (or very slightly rounded) crown without any visible crease, bash, pinch or dent. As I was just coming to and had not yet realized that the figure was closer to 90% opaque rather than completely solid and had no distinguishing non-silhouette affecting features, I pointed towards him and asked, "who's that?" My mom casually turned her head and torso to peer behind her for a quick moment and turned back with a slightly more concerned look upon her face and replied, "it's just me and the nurse here, honey." No sooner than she began speaking did I come to the realization that she would not see him and the dark figure tipped his hat to me and vanished into thin air. At that particular moment, it was like I remembered something without actually remembering anything. I had a realization without any accompanying recollection of information. Also, I had no particular feelings about the incident at the time. No goosebumps or intuitive feelings of malicious (or benevolent) intent, and I've always been one to have such intuitive feelings about humans that have never failed to give me accurate precognitive insight. Definitely freaked my mom out though and had the nurse looking a bit confused.

I have not seen a "Hat Man" since, and I say "a" because with the anecdotes of others reporting glowing red eyes, top hats and feelings of fear leads me to believe that there is not just one. I shared this story with many people over the years and only a couple have been able to recount their own experiences with such an entity. In fact, just a couple months ago, I shared this story with someone who immediately started shaking her head "yes" as I spoke and told me of when she was caring for her mother (or grandmother, can't remember specifically), one night, her mother was falling asleep on the couch watching television and she asked her if she wanted to sleep in her bed. Her mother replied, "I'm not going up those stairs with Abe Lincoln up there." After inquiring about what her mother was saying, she gathered that she saw a dark figure wearing a top hat with glowing red eyes who would visit her in the second floor bedroom of her house. The mother was discomforted by the entity's presence to the point where she just wouldn't go upstairs any more.

I, myself, have been seeing "shadow people" without hats, on and off, for over 14 years now. I used to see them in various places quite often. Usually they would just be walking around like it was just a normal day, going about routine business. Occasionally, they would just be standing there, apparently, looking at me. Once, I was held overnight in the hospital for one of my many health issues since sustaining that gunshot wound all those years ago and had seen a few of them periodically through my stay. At one point, it looked like one of them was messing with my IV machine and walked around to the other side of my bed, doing something I could not figure out when I decided I was going to say something to it. I opened my mouth and asked, "are you one of them?" The entity lifted it's head in an abrupt and nervous manner, then moved back around my bed hurriedly and vanished into thin air (their normal means of leaving my sight).

In recent years though, I've not really seen any but an occasional glimpse of a shadow person in my peripheral vision or what appears to be a shadow person, only with much less opacity to which I had become accustomed. And I still get random bouts of goosebumps in concert with that extrasensory feeling of being watched as I used to get when I'd see them clearly nowadays when their silhouettes are not as pronounced. The decrease in, what I have theorized as, my own sensitivity to their presence happens to coincide with my decrease use of cannabis. Though, before I resumed my normal "heavy use" after my gunshot, I was seeing them plain as day quite often without the influence of cannabis or opioid pain medicine. So I suspect it probably has more to do with my sleep disorders as I have heard that they are often seen by meth addicts during long periods of sleep deprivation.

Well, that's all for now. Due to my arthritic joints, this reply is really started to hurt.

Best wishes to all,


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