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Is Satan present in the music industry? Lady Gaga etc.
This thread was inspired by some comments I read recently.

Is there subtle references to Satan/Satanic worship in the music industry - and are they significant? There's always been evil in the music industry, in terms of greed, lust, vanity and pride. But does it end there or is there more to it?

[Image: 1864357819_5664562801.jpg]

[Image: 220px-Baphomet.png]

When looking at certain artists, lyrics, bands, songs, some of the symbolism they use can´t be denied. Even in the less overt artists it sometimes exists (I realise singers like Marilyn Manson make careers out of displaying satanic symbols on albums covers etc). However, is it just part of the entertainment package or is this a fanciful way of Satan to make himself known again in the 21st century?

What I have always personally believed about the devil is that he's all about "seduction".... He shows you your potential (same as God) and allows you instant access to that potential (unlike God). Have some artists, or are some artists opting for the "instant access" route; which the devil withheld that it comes with a cost and that cost is always your soul?

What about the dark side of the music industry? The suicide and tragic death of Kurt Cobain? Is that just a sad soul that saw a way out, or could fame really come at a cost? Jimi Hendrix's death at the hands of his drug addiction which became out of control once he'd made a success of himself? And I can't for the life of me remember the name, but there was a blues artist who famously said he sold his soul to satan as a trade off for fame.

[Image: kurt-cobain.jpg]

I was just wondering what you thought about all this.....Could there be a dark "grasp" on people in the music industry? Could some of these rich artists be using symbolism in their outfits/music/lyrics for a darker reason? Or is it all too conspiracy and just fun for the entertainment.
I thought it'd be interesting to see your thoughts.
You're thinking of Robert Johnson. (the blues singer who was said to have sold his soul to the devil.)

Sure, I believe there is evil in the music industry...but there is evil in every walk of life. I believe that it takes a strong personality to withstand the pressures of performing and to keep a handle on the things that will be tempting to get caught up in. And sadly....too many truly amazing musicians left us too soon.

The music itself is not evil. You are never going to get me to believe that. However, I think the motivations behind the people promoting the industry are extremely corrupt.

As far as Lady Gaga....she just wants to get a reaction. (good heavens, where did she find that get-up? Oh, why do I even ask with her.....)
“Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away.” ~Philip K. Dick

LOL @ Lady Gaga. I wonder where she finds her clothes sometimes! I actually love her as an artist, but she is a little crazy!

Thanks for your response. I agree with you: music is not evil in itself. In fact, one thing I have always believed is that music is a gift from God. Music is a beautiful art form and can really transform you to another place.

But the music industry? And the things people do to get into the music industry? That side of things probably delights a being such as Satan. People have to tap into this whole other world to become a famous artist..I'm not saying all artists are bad lol, I love music and the musicians I love I believe are good souls....but there are just as many performers out there who sold out on what they believe to make a success of themselves, or those artists that had a mission but instead sold out for the money, growing egos that enjoy the adoration of millions of fans, the darker side of the life-style such as the drug issue.

But having said all of that, evil and Satan exists in every form of life, and I believe that evil uses what it will to influence people...whether that be TV, music, politicians, even friends!
Ironic that he sold his soul for fame and now no one remembers him!
Thats the devil for ya!

I think there is LOTS of satanism in the music industry in many varied forums.
I have made positive hiphop and even Christian hiphop for DECADES and alas I still have my day job, HOWEVER I started making the dumbest possible lowest common denominator strip club booty shkin music lately and people are suddenly fiendin for it... Go figure.
SO did I make a deal with the devil? no. People like to dance and they like to sin so if you speak on that ALOT then apparently they will come..... and pay for it.
I went to Atlantic city once and was really paying attention to the music being played what kind and where and what were the deciding factors in what made people like it. It was interesting but the point is you have to make party music essentially to get out there.

The industry is an excersise in evil itself, probably another reason why I havent gone further as I am allergic to evil people.
Everything is about getting over on the next guy, music business is 10% music and 90% business, there is plenty of sex and drugs to that end. The point in terms of Manson is that selling the controversey of satanism with the music is the marketing aspect and therefore the business of satanism in some ways. Now I dont know if Manson is an actual professed satanist he def doesnt profess christianity lol but I guess it comes down to what did you do with your life in the end and looking from that light I would say that he is a satanist.

Anyway the business is evil even the christian music business, if you insert money then you get greed and everything else follows regardless of the message. However the message that reaches your fans is ultimately how you will be judged most likely.
I think I went off topic?

Lady Gaga is all about whatever will make her money I know someone who met her and is playing on her next album, he said she is very normal and classically taleneted and she said she is doing whatever it takes to make as much money as she can then she is going to go back to making "real" music lol.
Good thread, CMF.

Didn't that frustrate you, that you were making good, positive music, and were struggling, yet when you dumbed down your music, you found people flocking to it? I would find that so difficult as an artist.

Yes, I totally agree with you on the industry itself being full of evil. It's a money making machine, the business side of it just wants to push people, exploit people, make money, make a name etc. There seems little heart in the business of making great music.

I also agree that much of the industry is about greed, which means that even the Christian music labels are falling prey to it, to an extent. It's scary though, because when you start looking at it that way, it makes you wonder if anyone or anything is free from it? Are we all powerless to it's influence (to certain degrees?)

I'm not saying we're all going to turn mad and start murdering people, I'm just talking about the subtle influence that Evil/Satan can have on us all, and the sneaky way it can have an impact on things.
Meh, its been like this since people were banging on rocks and someone figured out they could take the rock bangers from village to village for a fee (leg o bronto), thats why they call it "Rock" and roll, because they rolled from village to village.

For a long time dumbing down music did make me mad, but its not as easy as you think, especially when you have tried to come intelligently at it for so long.
Now I just do opposite of who I am and be totally derogatory towards women and pro sin while basically using the classic "cheerleader" beat with bass. Viola.

As far as the influence I mean your going to listen to what you like no matter what it says, Im just not into constant devil music like death metal and all that, I like metal but at some point it starts crossing a line into stuff I dont feel comfortable with.
I used to listen to Ice T waaay back before he became an actor and he loves Slayer, so I tried to listen to that but I just didnt like it after trying it so I never went back to that.
Music does have an influence though especially on the youth.
First of all I want to say that every single one of the previous posts were very interesting!
I do believe music is evil if the composer behind it has "sold" his/her soul to the Devil. To me, music is a product from the soul reflecting emotions from the composer, and awakening feelings inside the listener.
Don't forget, music is used as a tool of seduction in various myths.
CMF, I love metal. Metal is my main music, but I really love and appreciate all of it. I am a satanist in no way. I agree there is a lot of darkness in metal, but then I listen to the pop music on the radio and want to cover my daughter's ears. It's tragic that so many talented artists end up the way they do, but I think that just goes along with living a hard life; doesn't make it evil.
Like Scary said, evil is in all walks of life. Music is the light in mine.
"It sounded like a bad fry, unimportant, with a bowl of rice." ~ Victor

"When someone loves you, the way they say your name is different. You just know that your name is safe in their mouth." ~ Billy, age 4

Lady Gaga, is just one of many, just Like CMF said, that is making her mark. I think she is very cool, and has guts to look the way she does, at such a young age. I have always enjoyed people being a little freaky!! I think we all have a lilttle freak in us. Nothing bad about that.

As far as the whole satan thing, i have to ask the question that i have asked before, how do you sell your soul to the devil??? People make it sound so easy, like,, ok, devil, here is my soul,now make me rich?? I think that some artists get so consumed into themselves, that they feel empty inside.

Next step, i would think, would to take drugs, numb themselves. They dont know who to trust any more, no real friends, just money mongers along for the ride.

I think people tend to loose thier way, and cant find the path.
Pride and Fear always distort the truth into either a false sense of security or a lack of confidence and diminished self-worth.

Angel WIngs

(03-27-2010, 05:54 PM)K2M Wrote: Lady Gaga, is just one of many, just Like CMF said, that is making her mark. I think she is very cool, and has guts to look the way she does, at such a young age. I have always enjoyed people being a little freaky!! I think we all have a lilttle freak in us. Nothing bad about that.

As far as the whole satan thing, i have to ask the question that i have asked before, how do you sell your soul to the devil??? People make it sound so easy, like,, ok, devil, here is my soul,now make me rich?? I think that some artists get so consumed into themselves, that they feel empty inside.

I'm a big fan of the GaGa, strangely enough as she isn't really the kind of musician I like. But anyhow, she has talent and that speaks words.

Whether or not the devil influences music, well, I don't know. Lots of references to it, but that may have been down to the rock rebellion - satanic symbols and references may just be part of "I'm not following any of your rules", just as much as tattoos and piercings do.

I think the most likely thing the devil influences is the Internet. Way too many dark and nasty things on it (of course there are lots of nice things, such as Talk Paranormal Icontexto-emoticons-04-032x032). I find it has a certain draw to it and may end up taking up too much of my time.

Selling your soul to the devil? Don't you have to summon one at a crossroads (Robert Johnson even sang about this). It has featured in a lot of lore and also on TV series, such as Supernatural. Hope that helps K2M.

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