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Shadow Creatures
Several of the places I've lived have had Shadow creatures, just like the name implies they just look like the shadows of someone or something. The first time I actually noticed them was when my youngest son was five years old. He called them Shadow Creatures all the time, when I searched them online, Shadow Creatures are exactly what most people call them.

We lived in a different apartment at that time and the Shadow Creatures were different than the ones we've seen here. The size of them depended on who saw them! Usually always the shadow was about the same size as ever which one of us that saw it.

Most of them were in a human shape, but now and then you'd get a glimpse out of the corner of your eye of what looked like a dog or cat walking by. At times there was even just very small shadows darting across the walls that you'd think were bugs.

We'd came home from the store one day and when we walked in the door, my son said, Look Mom a shadow creature. I barely seen it dart into the wall, but it had been standing at the coffee table and he said it was looking around on the table.

Where we live now we've seen several of these shadows to. The weird thing is that other people have saw the same exact things we've seen. Several of the people I've had visiting me have seen and described the same things we see all the time.

I have one here that is slightly tall and looks sort of skinny, it's always been seen going from the hallway to the kitchen. I've never seen it going the other way or any other place. It makes me kind of wonder if maybe they somehow get stuck in a certain place and keep repeating the same movements over and over.

We also have a "pet" shadow creature, I'd just started seeing it in maybe the past month. It's about a foot tall or less and for some reason I just know it's a cat, or at least a cat like creature. There will be times I see it several times a day, then it will go for days and I don't see it at all. Then it's running around here several times a day again.

These things, what ever they are don't seem to be scarey, they've never made the hair stand up on the back of my neck like some things have. They do get a little annoying now and then though.
Very fascinating story, thanks for sharing it with us. I have seen shadow "creatures" before, but only a very few times. My wife has also seen them. I look forward to seeing what some of our members think about shadow creatures.

Here is an article which was actually written by a member of this forum about shadow people or shadow creatures

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I have also seen shadow creatures. I was living in a house with several other people. I had seen the shadow creature and even followed it upstairs to find myself alone in a dark room. It didn't really bother me at all unlike the other residents in the house.

My good friend was absolutely terrified of it. As either her or my brother would lay in their own rooms, waiting for sleep, this thing would rifle through their belongings or papers right beside them. It did not bother me at all. My friend even seen a face appear at the bathroom window on the second floor and after moving out, she made me go with her back to the house to pick up some things. She was very frightened and she was trembling as she swore that, as she looked back at the house when we were leaving, it was watching her from one of the windows.

I found it weird how it bothered them and not me. I thought it had something to do with our different attitudes towards it. I am more of a live and let live person when it concerns most of these things.
I also saw one of these shadow creatures. It was a few years ago when I lived in an apartment with two roommates. The aprtment was upstairs over top an old store downtown that had been closed down for a long time.

I was sitting in the living room reading up on an assignment for class. I thought I saw movement on the other side of the room, but when I looked up nothing was there. Both my roommates had already left for their classes and I was there alone. A few minutes later I happened to look up and I saw a shadow, just like the shadow of any normal person, go along the wall and then into the hallway that led to where the bedrooms and bath were. That was when I freaked out.

I thought maybe it was one of my roommates who had come back in without my noticing it, but at the same time I couldnt understand how they did it. I called out, no reply. I got up and walked down the hall and looked in every room. I was alone in the apartment! I know I didnt imagine it.

When my roommates returned I told them about it. Neither one of them believed me and for a long time after that they poked fun at me and wouldnt let me live it down,
We've never had any problems with the shadow creatures that have lived with us, neither me or my son have ever been frightened by them. They've never went thru anything or moved stuff as far as we've known of. Most of them just seem to be somehow stuck in the same repetitive movements over and over.
Here are a couple entries in the True Ghost Tales site that deal with shadow creatures:

Ghostly Shadow Creature

Terrifying Shadow Creature

The Covelo Shadow People

The presence of those seeking the truth is infinitely to be preferred to the presence of those who think they've found it. ~ Terry Pratchett

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Me mate and I have seen these things quite often. They seem to vary in size too. Sometimes they seem aggressive. We have always seen them whenever there is some sort of trouble brewing around an area...the worse the trouble the more there seems to be of them. We've also found another name for them...bodachs. (pronounced bo-docks) Bodachs are thought to be heralds of misfortune and danger...even death. I don't particularly like these things. I don't think all shadow creatures are bodachs though...because we've seen some that aren't the least bit aggressive or anything. I think those kind are manifestations of spirits or ghosts.
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I saw a shadow creature last week. It was shortly after 6 am. I was leaving for work, and i went out the back door to my car. It was standing in the driveway. It was between 7-8 foot tall. It didnt have eyes, but i could tell it was "looking" at me. It was so black that the night air around it was a grey color. After a 10 seconds or so, it moved with unhumanly speed to my left and disapeared. I didnt feel frightened or afraid of it.
i have seen shadow creatures 2 and so has my aunt and my 9 year old cousin well most of my family has and im only 11 and i have seen them alot about 20 or 30 times wen i first saw 1 it was pretty scsry but u get used 2 it but im not entirly sure wat they r my unt explaned it 2 me but i forgot but i would like 2 learn more about them
I know that this is an "older" post..however, in the past week I have been noticing "things" out of the corner of my eyes. They are most def. shadows of some sort. At first they startled it just seems almost normal. I cant explain them as well as most. The other night I thought my cat jumped up next to me on the couch when I was reading..I could have sworn it was Salem however, when I looked over to the chair he was laying in it asleep and there was nothing there beside me. We have just bought this house 3 months ago, and this is the first "happenings" here. It has been years since I have seen anything like this and for some reason I have been seeing "them" quite a bit lately. Very Strange. I do not get a bad feeling as of yet and hope that I don't. There is no known history to our home and is not very old so I'm unsure as to the cause of this. Any ideas??
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