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Shadow Creatures
Hello - first post here. I wanted to share a 'shadow people' encounter - my friend and I called them 'men in black' long before the movie, and acutally, not very connected ideas anyway - our men in black had nothing to do with top secret alien/paranormal - it was simply the name for an experience of a shadow with masculine (not overtly) characterists, I suppose it could be even characterised as asexual. It was only a year or two ago I discovered that the phenomenon we experienced years ago was something with a name!

Anyway - this is back in 1991 - first of all, I had seen, upon opening my eyes a shadow figure right in my line of vision, as if flying through the air. I said nothing of this. Weeks if not months later I and my friend (she was there with the earlier encounter sighting I did not mention) I am clearing off a table - I see movement in the corner of my eye and the figure begins receding, I keep turning to try to 'catch' it in my vision but it is always out of sight and then 'it' was around the corner of the dining room. I said nothing of it, it was weird, but maybe it was nothing, right? So, a few minutes later I'm in the kitchen and hear my friend, upstairs, call my name out - I'm wondering what she's up to, and laughing just ask, 'what?" There is silence and then a scream and another scream - I run to the bottom of the stairs,she appears at the top and just starts screaming her head off! It turns out she saw a shadowy figure 'run' up the stairs - she thought it was me, maybe trying to sneak up on her or play a trick - when she heard my voice she knew it wasn't me. Of course, I didn't tell her about the figure I saw - I did then. that was the beginning of a series of events - none of which had a 'positive' character to it. and though I would not say they are 'demonic' they are not 'angelic' either.

We were both 16 at the time.

I think both of us, independently, within minutes of each other seeing the same 'shadow' that had all the appearance of reality without any input or 'contamination' of thought from each other qualifies the reality of the experience.
Still around here, just sorta making themselves known, nothing sinister, same with the "ghosts", sorta a cycle thing but I've rambled on so much about them, can't see the need to go and repeate myself.

Did you ever dig up some history about that room or the complex? The owner of our house refuses to disclose any previous owners/mishaps with us.

Thanks for sharing.
There was a [ H O L E ] here. It's gone now.
I can understand what you are saying, but get one thing clear - their not nice or good. I really can not define them a pure evil, but their very close to it. Please do not trust or take one as a "pet". If you see one in your house, then something is very worng in the home you live in. If anyone can elaborate on this then please do, as in my reserach I see more and more of these "things" poping up, aw so to say...Owl Eyes and I will be posting my own true story on this network.
I have seen many such things as described over the years, most of which have been in darkness or low light conditions, i firmly believe that all of these 'appearances' were nothing more than a visual disturbance caused by various changes in light conditions around me at the time e.g. from looking at my bright phone screen to going to complete darkness or switching the light off for sleep, these sort of things personally effect my vision quite dramatically at times and this includes various 'shadows'. I know people all have their own opinions on this subject but until i see something that i definately cannot explain off as a visual anomoly, then it will remain exactly that to me. The above conditions have also made me see 'orbs' before.
Ive seen a few shadowy figure before that I couldnt explain.
In my old house when I was probably about 9 or 10 years old I saw a shadow man on a few occasions. One time was in the basement with my dad, who also saw the figure, told me to go upstairs, and then it was just gone. We didnt look away or anything, it was just gone in the blink of an eye.
Another time was when I had a friend sleeping over. We were sitting in my livingroom playing video games when my friend said "whats that?" and pointed to the wall across the room. Sure enough, there it was again, but this time it didnt just disappear. It was maybe 3 feet away from the perpendicular wall, and as we were both staring at it, it darted towards the other wall and disappeared into (or through) it. That one shook us both up and my friend was so scared that he had his mom come pick him up.
Now I live in a new house, where the previous owner was an old man that was found dead in his rocking chair, in the room thats now my bedroom. Ive woken up in the middle of the night plenty of times to see a shadowy figure, always in the same corner of the room right next to a window. I had a friend staying over (whos a skeptic when it comes to this kind of stuff) and even he saw the figure.
Those are my experiences with shadowy, human figures, but Ive also seen a dog. I have a chocolate labrador, and this thing I see is a dark dog about the same size as a lab. I thought it actually was my dog a few times, but then realize that my dog is in his crate or outside at the time. The strange part is that I saw it a few places besides in my own house. I saw it most often in my house, but I also saw it at a friends, in school (believe it or not), and out in the woods in plain daylight. Its just a black dog, but you can tell it isnt a normal dog. There isnt much definition to it, it more just the shape of a dog, and it always just darts by or pops up somewhere for a split second. I used to see it pretty often 2 summers ago, but havent seen it much since then. Someone told me that black shadow dogs can be bad omens, or are sometimes thought to be guardians of the dead. Does anyone know about those theories?
I don't know about black dogs, except there are a lot of legends about them. It's hard to know what it is.

As far as shadow people go, it's odd but they seem to be popping up a lot lately. My sister AND daughter both saw them at around the same time, yet they live hundreds of miles apart and didn't know of each other's experiences.

Daughter saw 3 or 4 around the foot of her bed. She woke up suddenly and sat up. This is when she saw them. They were circling the foot of her bed and appeared to be watching her. She screamed and they didn't disappear. They just stayed there looking. There was another "thing" with them. It was short, and either had a hooded thing on or its hair was long and over the shoulders. THIS one she could see its face. It was seething mad. It looked like it wanted to hurt her and it was scary. After she screamed for a while, her husband came running in and turned on the light. She is aware of both these things and him at the same time, but when he turned on the light, they vanished. They weren't wispy. They looked solid. Husband didn't see them because as he came in, he stumbled and wasn't looking closely.

At around the same time, my sister saw one TWICE reflected in her car window as she was getting in. It was a human shape and it rushed past her behind her. She turned thinking it was the neighbor, but no one was around. Then, when she turned again to get in the car, it did it again. Very clearly a person, but dark and shadow like.

I don't know what they mean, but they aren't a happy thing.
(12-30-2008, 10:22 PM)jd76 Wrote: I saw a shadow creature last week. It was shortly after 6 am. I was leaving for work, and i went out the back door to my car. It was standing in the driveway. It was between 7-8 foot tall. It didnt have eyes, but i could tell it was "looking" at me. It was so black that the night air around it was a grey color. After a 10 seconds or so, it moved with unhumanly speed to my left and disapeared. I didnt feel frightened or afraid of it.
I'm glad you posted this. Everywhere else I've looked, it has said shadow creatures are supposed to be malicious, but i have seen two in my life and I havn't felt afraid, adn was wondering why this was different. I guess maybe the malicious feeeling is caused by people automatically assuming a dark shadow is evil, or they have a biased towards unexplained things. This has helped me in my search for what i saw!
When I was five years old I saw my first shadow creature. I had just gotten into bed, but was not tired yet. I was looking around my very dark room and in the corner there was an incredibly tall and skinny black figure. It was stagnant unlike the rest of the room, almost as though it were a vacuum, sucking up the air around it. I didn't feel as though it would hurt me. A few days later, my aunt died.

I do not believe that these creatures cause death or chaos, I believe they are watching over us and letting us know that grief is coming so that we may prepare. I find them comforting and somewhat appreciate their presence.
I've seen these pretty much my whole life. Strangely not so much since I moved away from my childhood home area. They are small or big and take on different shapes. My friend and I who grew up together had them in both our houses. Some were benign and some more mischievous. Some bordered on outright malicious and took to scaring people in my friend's house when they would visit by rushing at them or breaking things when no one else was in the room. Mostly they just stomped around and banged things. We could see their feet standing outside her bedroom door, blocking the light from under the door when I would sleep over. This would be when her parents were gone and no one else was in the house. Sometimes they would be orbs of different colors. Sometimes they would take on people shapes and play pranks, like turning on the water and walking away before dissapearing. One small one ran across the floor while both my friend and I were sitting with her mother in my friend's room and we all three saw it. My friend's mother was completely convinced in was a mouse. Though strangely she never went to follow up with traps or anything, so maybe part of her knew it wasn't.

We have always thought of them as faeries. Basically non-corporeal beings of different sorts and varieties. We have them classified into many different types of beings. I think it is a mistake to say they are all one thing. That they are all benign or that they are all bad. They look and behave so differently from each other. They have such different temperaments. I don't think they are the same thing as ghosts. I don't think they ever had a physical body, which is why we classify them as Faeries.There are so many kinds of faeries in cultures around the world and they tend to be (for the most part) not the sparkly nice creatures in Disney films. Often they look out for their own interests and we happen to be in the way. We eventually kicked the nasty ones out with a lot of work and now just have the goofy ones and the benign ones left in our parent's houses.

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