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Never heard of this
Ok so I was yet agian reading and found some odd things id like to ask about.

Transfiguration-aparently an instance where a spirit can make the mediums/persons face look like it(the spirits) face.(never heard of this)

Apports-Completly solid object that apper in mid air thourgh a medium normally rocks,flowers,keys.(never heard of this one)

Autamatic Writing-Writing done by a medium/person that is being guided by a spirit and are curently not in controle of what they are writing.

Trance-allowing spirits to take controle over ones body.

Materialization-A spirit draws an ethereal substance called ectoplaysm out of a medium.(Ghost Among Us by james van praagh

Do you guys have any insite or information on what exactly these things are and the prosess involved with them.Anymore knowledge then the little bit i know now will help.


"Remember man, as you walk by, As you are now, so once was I. As I am now, so shall you be. Remember this and follow me."
Hi Razor, well I basically only knew very little about the things you listed, I only really know the facts you mentioned already.

I have witnessed an aport before on a TV experiment with a ghost investigation, and that was amazing. Basically the group were sitting around in a circle with a table between them, they were all holding hands, and suddenly this wooden coat button gets thrown to them and lands at their feet....It is really interesting.

Sometimes it's been known that items get thrown which are from a whole different country/time period making it even more authentic and impressive.
Apports. Hello razor, my father told me a story involving rocks the size of kids hands, materializing and falling to the floor.

This phenomena occurred over the span of two weeks, in a run down house that was reportedly haunted, in Cavite City, Philippines. What began as local kids daring each other to enter the house to investigate the "sounds" of rocks falling, turned into an all out neighborhood event. My father said people came and went, cramming the house, at all hours, with their attention solely on the living room, the exact spot where the mysterious rocks would materialized mid-air and fall.

My father said people would scream seeing it happen. Usually vendors and hawkers would line the outside of public events to take advantage of the growing onlookers, a customary practice in the Philippines, but my father said there were none there at all ever. Word got out of this event and people were afraid.

After a while it stopped, crowds dissipated and the house was eventually bulldozed over.

That's all I know about Apports.
It has been a long time since this thread was active but i came upon it in my research

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