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Psychic Abilities and Mental Illness
(11-04-2017, 10:01 AM)Whitepilgrim1978 Wrote: I've encountered a schizophrenic that could turn on and off the tv by blinking his eyes. That's wild Big Grin

I believe it. I gather it was not the mains switch but the electronic switch from the remote. Although that would also be possible. There have been experiments, with far less than this, but in principle the same sort of thing, which Smilepeople have done in the lab.

I think this is because the person you are referring to, labelled as schizophrenic, has realised his psychic/ spiritual powers are real and not because he has anything that other people don't have.
My ex had psychic experiences with me several times where we each knew what the other was thinking. She experimented with different forms of ritual magick and I wonder what impact that had on the experiences I shared with her. One time I summoned a UFO by saying "wouldn't it be interesting if we saw one" basically. But thinking back I wonder if her weird mental abilities also factored in to that at all./

She eventually went really crazy schizophrenic and was diagnosed BPD. THought the world was flat, everyone was robots, etc. Sad. I think its a caution against doing forms of magick that might work and that might change your brain.
To be fair to the second part, there are many scientists and neuro-psychologists that believe everyone are robots. So, there are some research that could suggest it isn't so outlandish.
(02-23-2010, 07:23 AM)UglyNRude Wrote: First let say this isn’t an attack on claimed psychics though some of you will feel it is. I am seeing  a pattern and am trying follow up on it.
Is there a fine line between psychic images and mental illness? Do people with a form of a neurological issues have a special ability? Does the issue open doors to this ability? Do people that hear voices and see images walk this fine line between schizophrenia or another disorder  and true abilities?

Through out time we see some people will induce an altered state to get answers, shamans, medicine men, some Indian cultures. We see sweat lodges, taking hallucinogens, fasting, and a host of other methods used to see visions. So does this fine line open the door to the future?

The  difference between a psychic ability and a mentally ill person is the ability to distinguish which reality they are operating in at any particular time and to consciously and Intent fully make this  transition. The ability to move between these places is when you can control your visions and your sanity.

Now this can also be said to those that see Ghosts, Demons, Angels and God.  Now I am hoping people will offer opinions on this based on their experiences.  

Now what I am looking for is for is people who claim to have these abilities have you ever been diagnosed  or treated with any form of a neurological issue.  This can be from adhd, to anxiety depression to schizophrenia, lesions, ms, to migraines.  

I am curious how many have or haven’t that have these abilities. Is learning to control walking the line the key to this?

The Schizophrenic drowns in the waters the Mystic swims in with delight.

      I am a scientist,  mental health professional and a psychic. While a toddler,I could hear and see spirits which freaked me out. Subsequently, these gifts were repressed. I grew up and became a psychologist and made fun of psychics and any such talk of spirits. However, my late,great Gram used to watch a talk show that frequently had psychics on. I knew how group hypnosis was done and how cold calling was done. Therefore, I laughed at my Gram. Then Gram passed away. I was lost. I read a book about Project Stargate. The military used psychics? Okay...Ummm...I then studied Edgar Cayce. Then researched the field of the paranormal. First I became a believer in Sasquatch after reading recounts of professionals,scientists,policemen,etc. Then I began developing psychically again. I was frightened at first as all those things flooded back. Then I was lucky to find a mentor. Today, I'm a psychic scientist. I still use the scientific method and just don't believe everything is Real.
     Unfortunately, it is impossible to conclude whether a patient diagnosed as Psychotic and Delusional is psychic. I do believe many patients who are depressed or have an anxiety condition are very psychic. Unfortunately, the medically field won't get funding to discern this topic which is sad. I suggest everyone be open-minded about everything. Keep the Faith!
A true psychic is someone who can sense your energy and even see your energy. And hallucinations can be mistaken as "crazy" when in fact thesea real.  You're tuning in energies and entities beyond physical perception.  Everyone has psychic abilities that lie dormant within each of us.  The world is built on Magical psychic energy.  The pineal gland is said to be the seat where psychic energy is transferred throughout the body.  It is like the heart of the spiritual bodies that dwell in our physical body.  The pineal gland is also referred as the 3rd eye.   The eye of seeing the energetic foundation between all objects.  Remember energy is matter and matter is energy.  All matter has an electromagnetic discharge.  Including your chair.  Everything contains an energetic signature.  Psychics, depending on their level of awareness can  either sense things that translate to them as color.  OR  there’’s the real psychic mystics who are actual seers of reality.  They actually see the energetic foundation of all matter with their pineal gland.  It’s a matter of concentration and dream practices which shamans are big into, to unlock these psychic abilities .
"And hallucinations can be mistaken as "crazy" when in fact thesea real."

I'm not sure what could be classified as a "real" hallucination.

Subject: I have a black cat.
Believer: Black cats are bad luck.
Non-believer: It's just a cat.
Crackpot: Black cats are part of the New World Order government conspiracy.
Skeptic: I can test if black cats are more or less lucky than another cat.
Cynic: You only have a black cat to gain power and prestige.

I think JohnHermes is try to say that what some people might write off as being "hallucinations" aren't actually hallucinations, but real.
Just seems like that's what he's saying, based on the sentences that surround that one claim (which is fine, it just has to be proven properly).

However John, I think you're work is quickly stacking up to be insurmountable. You say: "Everone has psychic abilities that lie dormant within each of us." You need to prove that psychic abilities exist first. Then, you need to prove that we all have them. THEN, you need to find/prove the spot inside of us that we could find a dormant variant of psychic power. That's just on the first claim...

You then go on to say "The world is built on Magical psychic energy". However, you need to explain what "magical psychic energy" is. You then need to prove how that magical psychic energy is inherent in all things found in the world (at the very least, the building blocks of our planet and life). After that, you prove that the pineal gland is actually transfering what you call "magical psychic energy". THEN, you need to show how any animal that has a pineal gland has a magical psychic connection/potential for use (including the exception to the vertebrate rule: hagfish). This has to be done for consistency, otherwise there is no logical connection to the notion that the pineal gland does anything psychically.

Lastly and the main problem: if energy is matter and matter is energy, there is no "magical" quality to energy of any sort. The fact that you describe how everything has an electromagnetic discharge shows how all matter is actually electromagnetic energy, and all energy must fall somewhere along the electromagnetic spectrum. This means that the claim "the world is built on magical psychic energy" is false. Furthermore, energy is just energy. There are two types of energy: potential and kinetic. Essentially, it is an on-off kind of deal. The types aren't even different in nature, just different in function. You're still measuring the same thing, just from different perspectives. There are also different sources for finding these types of energy. For example: Thermal or nuclear. These are just sources. Thermal energy is really just a layman's way to describe the different tempos of kinetic energy found in an object. If something is really hot, there is a lot of movement in the atoms, which means the kinetic energy is high.
In the end, all of these sources boil down to electromagnetic.

However, "psychic energy" does not describe a source that harbours kinetic and potential energies. It describes a type of energy altogether different. Unfortunately, it can't exist physically, as we all exist along the electromagnetic spectrum. Therefore, "psychic energy" does not exist.
Does that mean psychics do not exist? No, it doesn't. It merely means that psychics would have to operate in a way that differs from what you've described (and really how many people describe them).
Here's a video that gives me no end of amusement.

Thanks UNR for bringing this discussion to newer members. I'd like to share my experience. I grew up in Singapore where the traditional spiritual beliefs and mysticism are still a part of daily life. During my earliest childhood, I was troubled by night terrors when I would wake everyone up with my screaming. When I was a just 4 years old, I saw my first shadow man. My parents began burning frankincense after that to cleanse me from any dark influences. I was often uneasy at home even during the day, with the sense of being watched and would be frightened for no apparent reason. I've recently learned that my family home was built over a Chinese cemetery.

My father's grandmother was a Thai village headwoman and his mother was believed to have some connection with the spirits who guarded her house in Singapore. Grandparents, aunts, uncle, cousins, mother, sister and myself - at least 13 people - have all had strange experiences over the years. None of us have been treated for schizophrenia or psychotic delusions (that I know of). But we've had our share of trauma, grief, physical or psychological abuse.

I did pray very hard in my teens not to "see" anything scary. Perhaps that's why I've not seen any full-bodied apparitions. Apart from the times when I may have glimpsed a shadow man or 2. But I still retained my empathic senses though I wouldn't call myself a psychic. These feelings were so strong and the mood swings so erratic that I consulted a doctor for a full physical check-up, as well as a psychiatrist to check my mental well-being. Hormone imbalance and depression, that was the diagnosis. No bipolar disorder. I was prescribed a medication that was also used to treat epilepsy to take the edge off emotions. The downside was that it felt as if I had the audio button tuned way down and an essential part of myself was missing. Not sure if this had any connection, but I also suffered excruciating migraines during this period.

I no longer need medication and have learned to manage emotional barrage with self-cognitive exercises and meditation. I think part of being empathic comes from being extremely sensitive and observant with verbal and non-verbal cues. Perhaps it's an ability retained from the hindbrain when we needed that extra sense for survival. Being empathic has helped me negotiate and resolve customer conflicts in over 30 years of work experience.

I feel that even if someone has a mental condition, not everything that person says should be immediately discounted. Each case should ideally be treated on an individual basis and not according to a textbook template. What if the mental illness is a result of extrasensory overload and that mind has retreated to protect itself? Psychic abilities are uniquely individual and each person will have a different experience. 


Btw Ka-Ra, that's a great video of House M.D. Now I want to catch the whole episode.
There's life...and then there's the afterlife.
This is interesting! Have you read the works by Mircea Eliade on Shamanism? Its called "Shamanism: Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy", and Carl Jung was hugely inspired by his works also. 

The overall theme throughout the world when it came down to picking the Shaman for the tribal society was/is what we today call "Mental Illness". Schizophrenia, hysteroid crisis and whatnot were considered election by the spirits, rather than mental illness. Whats more? by Shamanizing, they completely cured themselves off the "mental illnesses" and functioned even better than the average person in the tribe. Psychedelics come close to this (and various Shamanic traditions use them heavily still) -- they potentially induce psychosis but also has the capacity to treat various ailments such as addiction, depression and whatnot. 

Shamans possess incredible occult powers and perhaps the line between "mental illness" and psychic powers actually is that of unrefined vs refined. Psychology/neuroscience is relatively new and we still do not know much. Is there any other animal that possesses the ability to be schizophrenic, for example? Is it really a disorder or an evolutionary adaptation in our history to something that enabled our ancestors to cope better somehow in a certain situation by being able to access a state of consciousness that is not normally available?

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