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Lazarus Syndrome
Are you really dead when pronounced dead? Apparently not as shown with 39 cases worldwide. Now it makes me wonder if others would of come back to life given the chance. How many more cases are kept quiet so doctors don't look bad. How many patients are buried alive or worse yet prematurely embalmed. When is dead really dead?

Now I will point out there have been 25 reported cases since 1982....How many more have there been? Is the 39 number way off?,2933,586302,00.html
Belief bias occurs when we make illogical conclusions in order to confirm our preexisting beliefs. Belief perseverance refers to our tendency to maintain a belief even after the evidence we used to form the belief is contradicted.
Being buried alive is something I used to have nightmares about when I was a kid. To this day, the idea terrifies me. And it does make you many of these cases did they miss? And as you said...when is dead really dead?

I found this article on the case too...seems to basically say what the other one did. This article also mentions that she had multiple sclerosis.
“Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away.” ~Philip K. Dick

I wrote a story called "Buried Alive" on TGT it was a true story my husbands grandmother told him about that happened in Italy!
I know this is an old thread but it caught my interest.

In the area where I did some growing up the Army Corps of Engineers were expanding an impoundment lake and rerouting a highway. In the process they had to relocate an entire cemetery. There were a lot of people working on the project and most were locals so you got to hear things. They found evidence that some of the people had been buried alive. The positions of the skeletons and even some lids that showed damage from when they were trying to get out. This was many years ago. Long before internet and cable TV.

I have heard of similar things elsewhere since then. I would guess that the probability of mistakes being made is definitely a reality. But I think it would be more likely to occur in less developed countries.

The presence of those seeking the truth is infinitely to be preferred to the presence of those who think they've found it. ~ Terry Pratchett

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There's an old meme somewhere about it being a typical Victorian urban myth about people being mistakenly buried alive. It was so prevalent that people invented things so that if you were buried alive and woke you could pull a rope that rang a bell. Watchmen in the cemetery would hear it and you would be exhumed, so the watchman was called the death watch. I don't know if that's the exact story, but it was something like that.
Truth is that it actually was a Victorian fear and they did have bells attached in case someone was buried alive, or so I've read. People weren't stupid, and there was usually a day or more before the corpse was buried after having a "wake" in case the dead person did awake. I don't think it was as prevalent as stories might have you believe, but enough that I'm sure it happened.
Caretaker, I'd swear you might be in the area of Texas where I was born. The same story went around about a like that was built in the 40's there.

Subject: I have a black cat.
Believer: Black cats are bad luck.
Non-believer: It's just a cat.
Crackpot: Black cats are part of the New World Order government conspiracy.
Skeptic: I can test if black cats are more or less lucky than another cat.
Cynic: You only have a black cat to gain power and prestige.


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