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How medics explain sleep paralysis
Sleep paralysis or SP,as its commonly known is a "apparant" natural process

It is said that each time we sleep,our brain puts our body into a paralysis mode to stop us from acting out our dreams,and potentially harming ourselves.

But for some people,They wake during this process,and therefor experience "paralysis"

I have to say,this makes sense,but having suffered from this myself,i am in no doubt at all that i think there is a connection between sleep paralysis and the paranormal.

*Having bodily paralysis,doesnt explain "sight"*
*studies show many sp sufferers have encountered "other" para/spiritual experiences*
*I have had SP,before/during/after sleep*
I would have a difficult time accepting the idea that our body goes into some sort of paralysis mode when we are sleeping. I know from personal experience, as I am sure most others do, that we move around a lot when we are asleep.

I have never seen my wife, any of my children, friends, other family members etc who looked like they were "paralyzed" while they were sleeping.

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well,i only started suffering from SP,after moving into my active house,and even then i hadnt heard of the term..i just knew what i was experiencing wasnt "normal"..

my symptoms were...i would wake up,and be able to move my eyes and logically think to myself,but i was unable to speak and couldnt move..i never experienced any heaviness on my chest ,but i did used to on most ocassions have the most bizarre sensation.It used to feel like a staticy/buzzy/electric feeling that would wash up and down my body in a wave like fashion,that would intensify as it continued.I did aslo get the feeling that spirit was around (which isnt a new experience for me),but i never visually saw anything.

These episodes would come and go,i could have days or weeks between my SP experiences..BUT.. when they did start up again i knew they would last few nights,i never had a single episode..they were allways grouped together.

It was actually prof chris french,who thought it may be sp,but being a sceptic and a parapsychologist,i wasnt suprised of his thoughts "NOT" being linked to the paranormal.

So i looked into this myself..i found many ppl who suffer from Sp,and was amazed to find that most of such ppl had what they belive to be other paranormal experiences in their does this give the foundation to believe that their is a connection to SP and the paranormal ?

I also discovered that most ppl who suffer from SP,"outgrow" it by their 30's..mine didnt start until the latter stage of my 20' is said that SP occurs during or onset of sleep (finding hard to accept onset)..i found i could suffer from SP symptoms whilst being awake..WORK THAT ONE OUT !!!

I also visited my gp on this.despite his non belief of spooks,lol he refered me to a nurologist as he thought i may be suffering from peti mal epilepsy,as i often woke smelling smoke......medically speaking many ppl with epilepsy become aware of a aroma prior to a he thought i best be checked out..

I didnt suffer from peti mal..and no further knowledge or diagnosis was made for SP,allthough he did say "I PROB HAD IT"....which to me is just as unbelievable as saying im pregnant without palpating my stomach or taking a test !!

On another note,since my home was cleansed,i have rarely suffered from SP at all,but it does still occur now and then.
Could be a Possibility Angel but I'd suggest don't judge to conclusions as yet. It maybe that you don't relax much at nights that you end up in such trance. Try to relax from now on, free your mind. If your mind is too confuse, you'll end with such incidents of SP, more frequently.
yes you could be right there babe,thanks
I don't believe our bodies are paralyzed when we sleep. I know I move around a lot, and so does my husband, and he is not aware of it.
I had someone explain that it is a transition between being awake and being asleep. But how does that explain the feeling I had that I had woke up... yet was still asleep?
I have had some dreams where I was actually aware that I was dreaming... explain that one. I know that this sleep paralysis scares the heck out of me. And mine didn't start until I was past 30 and I'm 64 now and haven't grown out of it!
I also awaken suddenly and hear my name being called. I've shaken my husband awake to ask him if he called out for me... and he is as confused as I am. He said one night a few months ago, when I had fallen asleep on the couch while reading, he thought I yelled his name... he jumped up to run in there and see what was wrong with me, thought I had fallen off the couch and hurt myself. When he saw that I was asleep, he left me alone. I asked him if I was moving around in my sleep or seemed otherwise in distress, and he said no, I was sleeping peacefully. Then he decided that he must have dreamed it!
I'm posting in a lot of old threads but there's a lot of things I see and want to comment on. I hope people actually come here still and read these. As far as the scientific sp goes. Your body does "paralyze" itself to an extent during the two deepest stages of sleep. It's not a total paralysis, it's more of a sedation or restraint of larger movements. I personally only have sp during sleep and right before I'd be waking up anyway. The first time I had it, I was probably more scared than I've ever been. For me it only happens at the end of a very lucid dream or a dream I didn't know was a dream and I thought I was awake. The first time I guess I was 18 or 19. I lived in my mother's basement. The basement ceiling was actually two feet above the ground so there were these little one foot windows all around for natural sunlight and stuff. I woke up because I heard something in backyard. I walked around to where the bathroom was and through the window I saw light. I looked out the window and saw this school bus out in the gravel field road behind our house (we lived in the middle of nowhere, nothing but cotton fields on either side and a road). There were a few children and an older man with flashlights looking around the field like they were looking for something. I thought it was weird so I decided to go out there and ask them what they were doing and see if they needed any help. On the way to the stairs I started getting light headed and dizzy. I thought it was my sugar dropping (I'm diabetic) or something similar, so my new goal was to get to the kitchen. I made it almost to the steps before I couldn't make it. I remember jsut falling down to the ground and trying to crawl up the stairs, terrified I was dying. When I gave up and shut my eyes, I was suddenly on the couch where I had fallen asleep, not able to move, but able to look around. I could hear footsteps behind me coming toward me and I was violently trying to fight the paralysis. Within a few minutes I was released and I called my ex g/f hysterically and explained to her what had happened. She got me calmed down and I went outside to see if the bus was there, that was when I realized all that was just a lucid dream. That was the first time I had ever heard of sp or lucid dreaming. The next time it happened, I was on the couch upstairs and we were under a tornado warning (we really were). I heard the sirens and I saw the tornado coming right at me through the bay window. I jumped up and immediately realized I was in a dream. I was like okay, this could be fun. It didn't last long at all because the actual sirens wouldn't let me stay in the dream. The next instance I was in sp trying to get off the couch, but realizing that I had been through it before and it wasn't so scary. It has happened tons of times since then. The last time it happened I got really calm and slowed my breathing down and tried to project myself from my body to see if I could turn around face the footsteps, or the cause of them. It never worked. I can get halfway out and then suddenly I'm fully awake and able to move. If it is something attacking me, then it can't stand me trying to face it.
I have went through "SP" on several occasions. Most of the time it freaks me out. I never knew that there was a name for it. I am awake, but can not move. Pretty much the only thing I do is pray and try to move. There was one time that I tried for like 5 minutes to yell, but I couldn't. I guess while I "yelling" my wife said the I was making weird humming noises and she woke me up. As soon as she woke me up I was alright.

I have woke up with cramps when this happened, so I just thought that it may have something to do with cramping while sleeping.
I m 35, having SP since I was 14, on daily basis, few times a day. I hv just posted my story here to find a cure for it. Throughout the yrs, I hv learnt to control it and now it only happens once a while. I m also experiencing other phenomenon such as "things jumping on the bed" since 1996 I guess, and since 2008, "bed shaking on its own". Recent experience with "bed shaking on its' own" was last Thursday before 6 am. Around 1999, I also experienced what we call lucid dream for few mths and it stops after i get some help.

My SP experience always happens when I am not in deep sleep, just starting to sleep, so, I am still aware of the surrounding. Started with buzzing noise like "ngggggggg" and it gets louder, followed by body paralysis. "Things jumping on the bed" and "bed being shaken" experience happened in the middle of deep sleep.

I didnt dare checking whats behind me when "things jumping on bed" happen or was just too tired to check, but during "bed shaking on its own", I started observing the movement of my bed columns, so, I was wide awake. And after I get the confirmation that my bed really shakes on it's own, only then, I ran to other room or outside the house, and now that I hv moved temp. to my mom's hs, I ran to her room.

This may sound hilarious, but for a 35 years old, ppl can misunderstood this as crazy.

I just started looking actively again after many years for answers as latest experience left me tired and sick. I even had to quit my job last June and now working freelance from home. I hv moved many times to different places, different state and countries. It will stop for a while, even few years, and just when I thought I can now enjoy a normal life, things started again.

* I hv never experience sightings (Thank god!).
* I m/was a sceptic. I mostly live alone; stayed overnite once in jungle alone, and did many things alone just to prove to myself I am not easy to get scared type. And now, I am not sure anymore.
* It started when I was 14 and was still naive. SP research said it normally starts at age 30 and above.
* I am generally healthy. Hv checked with doctors in few countries. Except removal of appendicitis during college yrs and 3 miscarriages when was still married, other than that, my heart and brain r perfectly healthy. So, I presume this is not because of health reason.
* My SP happens not during deep sleep but was at the point of sleeping and I was still aware of the surrounding.

Please guide me to any website or anyone who can help me cure this, preferably doctors in S.E.A. I really want to experience normal life for good.

Thanks a million.

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