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This year will be real bad for all
I woke up today to find myself doing what I just dreampt,I just dont fell right today.I m In a sort of trance like felling,when I feel like this something real bad is going to happen.
The walls are snapping, hands are clammy,animals around are acting wierd,my eyes are seeing things that are visions of doom.
When people are calling me I m telling them things about themselfs that I should not be telling them.It hurts people to no things before they happen,but sometimes I cant hold it in.Its theres not mine so I get so tired of holding thier problems.
As I see it happening I dont like what I see.
I dont need to see a doctor,I no what my abilities are I was born this way.
Does anybody feel like theres something really bad going to happen soon?
Who is All ? Are we talking world wide, local, or something that pertains just to you ? When I get this, I ask for definition. If it's not me , it will not show anything. In other words, it's out of my hands. I can't stop it. Like Haiti.
Yes something bad will happen but you don't need to be a psychic to see it. The unemployment rate is continuing to go up. The housing industry and foreclosure rates are still high. Our national debt is at alarming numbers and growing faster then we can pay the interest. Terrorist have made claims they will strike before summer, food and gas prices continue to climb. Taxes proposed to big business will be passed on to the consumer. As these things happen the stress level we are all under continues to grow, people snap when they run out of options. So yes we are in trouble.
If you have never read the Grapes of Wrath I suggest you do. That is the direction this country is heading.
Belief bias occurs when we make illogical conclusions in order to confirm our preexisting beliefs. Belief perseverance refers to our tendency to maintain a belief even after the evidence we used to form the belief is contradicted.
Yes, RM just like haiti but in the states you took the words right out of my mouth.
Everyday driving to and from work. The big things, I don't have time to deal with, with all the minor things that are driving me to distraction
UNR I hate the word psychic it sounds so fake.
well, I have been expecting New Madrid to open up to a 9.0 myself. I , of course can't give any specific date, as to when I see these things, time isn't an issue.
You have to understand that all the programs on tv like"It Could Happen Tomorrow" just reinforce the program. What I saw back in the 1970's was no walk in the park. Indeed, it will make Katrina look like a Garden Party ! Haiti ?? Doesn't even come close. No one will be prepaired for this one. Not the Gov, FEMA, the RC, No One.

Then again maybe goofnuts in Iran will nuke Isreal. I learned today that in Farsci "Iran" means Aryan ! Guess who came up with that one ? Adolphe Hitler ! Watch GlennBeck tonight if you get FOX.
I m just asking if anybodys got a felling about the california?
Im not at a libary.
Well, they did have a 6.0 in northern Cal. today, near Petrolia.Nothing more has been reported. It was off the coast.
Thanks RM thats all I needed to no.
I not going to talk about this any more,and maybe it'll go away.
Thanks ya'll

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