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How soon after transition cld you reincarnate ?
have you ever thought about how quickly you cld be reincarnated if it is possible?
Hmmm...I would imagine it depends on how fast one wants to be reincarnated and where they want to do the reincarnation. If one has a specific place and sort of family in mind then they may have to wait until that opportunity comes around. Otherwise if they choose not to wait then they take what is available. They may remember their previous life very well if one reincarnates too soon. That's my two cents worth anyway.
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I agree with Witchywoman. There have been stories of children reincarnating into one family miles away from the one that they just left. Then seeking out their "real" family. Unless the culture understands this, it can be very upsetting.The movie, "Audrey Rose" comes to mind.
I believe you reincarnate when you are ready for your next lesson. It could be soon after a death, a few generations down the line, or never. I do not believe the other side runs on the same time frame as we do. Therefore, everyone is different.
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I heard somewhere that our spirit is about 2 or 3 weeks after we die here on earth among family.And his task is to help family to greed.After that soul is going to next level,in next life until at the end becomes pure.Ant that is our goal at the end.
I don't know what to believe about reincarnation..I am more for no than yes,but who knows..It is a certainly interesting journey.
I believe that we chose our path once we reach the other side. If we want more time on earth we chose to reincarnate, if we want to be a guardian, we work towards that.

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I agree with everyone else thoughts on the matter! I think it depends when you want to go and even if you want to be reborn. I think it's all a choice. I think we probably cycle our lives with love ones.
In my opinion when you die.God takes over,he'll make the decision as to where you will go.He is the judge,jury,alpha,omega,etc.Ty for shareing,keep the faith.
Samo za vednost !
Reinkarnira se samo eden na milijon ali dva ljudi. od teh ,to ne spoznajo v celem življenju in umrejo nevedni.
Če si eden od teh to spoznavaš že v zgodnji mladosti.
Vse ostalo je brezpredmetno.

Just for information,!
Reincarnates the only one in a million or two people. from those that do not know the whole life and die ignorant.
If you are one of those to get to know at an early age.
Everything else is irrelevant.
(01-29-2008, 06:44 PM)Angel Wrote: have you ever thought about how quickly you could be reincarnated if it is possible?

In terms of what our time or the spirits time? Inner levels are not like here, our laws do not apply, which is why spirits have no power here without us.
My experience of doing past life regressions as a hypnotist is that lives do not follow a human chronology.
There could be hours, days, or even decades between lives.
But on the inner levels our laws of time are meaningless. What feels like minutes could be hours or years, even decades, or the inverse of it.
Reincarnation it's self is not (potentially) a sequential series of events. Even proving the reality of reincarnation is impossible, so I'll not go as far as to say you could be reincarnated in an earlier time than a past life. But it is how it appears to be. Even if we perceive them in a linear fashion, as that is how we understand time here.

We all believe in something greater than ourselves. Even if it's just the blind forces of chance. Ambassador G'Kar.

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