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How soon after transition cld you reincarnate ?

V fizičnem življenju imamo čas,ki ga merimo.
V duhovnem oziroma po smrti pa časa ne moremo meriti,ker se čas ustavi .Tukaj obstaja arhivni prostor, kjer ko smo mrtvi od tam opazujemo življenje drugih ki polzi mimo.
Duša pa se avtomatsko vrača v preteklost.

In physical life we have time to be measured.
In the spiritual or after death, time can not be measured, because time stops .Here there is the archive room where we dead from there we observe the lives of others who slides past.
The soul is automatically returned to the past.
That depends on one's karma and merits when one is alive.
(01-29-2008, 06:44 PM)Angel Wrote: have you ever thought about how quickly you cld be reincarnated if it is possible?

It depends on Choice. If the Entity decided to they would incarnate soon.
I believe you reincarnate soon after you die. If you are hundreds of ‘lives’ old, I doubt all the times you have to be reincarnated varies. It just seems more efficient that way I suppose.
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