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Tell Us About Your Ghost Encounter
(10-03-2017, 03:50 AM)UglyNRude Wrote:
(10-02-2017, 08:15 PM)OscarMN Wrote: I need help with determining what is in this video. A little background first. This is my mother's house. It is 2 stories. There is a big chandelier in this room. All the rooms upstairs are empty with doors closed. She lives in a warm environment and leaves the back door open for the dogs. It is an enclosed back yard. The security camera has a motion detector that sends alarms to your phone. So about 2:30am, she gets a beep on her phone that scared her and woke her up. She said she sat there for an hour with her gun, but never heard anything else or saw anything on her phone. The next day she checked her video footage and this is what set the camera off. It comes in at the 9 second mark.

A bat captured at the low frame per second rate.

Thanks! That's what some are thinking.

I see a old men fooling around like a grandfather that is why he did these things to give you signals to show he is around but he did not want to scare you so he stopped that teasing ,he just want you to know that he is watching over you ,at least it makes me feel like a granddad that liked to make fun and tease people and just to make them smile ,that is why he gave these signals and then when you said you had enough ,it stopped so it is sure that it is someone that loves you a lot ,it can even be a granddad that you did not even know so well anyway you can ask if there is still someone around ,its a comforting thing to know that our loved ones stay around or are there when needed ,one day you will know that you have been protected blessed be angelheart
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