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Tell Us About Your Ghost Encounter
Good Lord... Ive had so many lol..
I honestly through I think my early 20's thought that eveybody had these things happen to them as it was so common place with me.

My first actual things that I recall ... I was about 9 or 10 and I was into D&D and was all about coloring in the pictures in the different manuals and compendiums. So I would spend hours up in my room reading about monsters and demons and just using my imagination, but frequently I would hear my mother calling me from downstairs, I would go running downthere as fast as I could because she was prone to having chest pains and I would have to pour her a glass of wine or something if she was having trouble breathing(lol she prolly just wanted wine in retrospect but she was always not looking very well when this happened). So there I would be in my room and I would hear my name called and I would yell "Cooomming" and run downstairs and say "what?" and she would say that she hadnt called me.
This would happen LOTS, sometime nine times a dayor more until I would be more selctive about when I would go down there.
As much as a home that house was lots of bad things happened there, parents divorced , fights, my step mother used to abuse my brother and we couldnt convince my dad it was going on.
Once my brother, who is 5 years younger , and was about 10 at the time than me said that he was going to watch TV in the living room ( I had left him alone to go play down the street, bad idea) and he said he came down the stairs turned the corner and in the rocking chair sat an old woman in an old black dress with a large "W" painted in white across her chest.
He stopped and stared at her in shock , he noticed that her eyes were entirely blue no whites at all, and then she opened her mouth and a hissing sound came out, but it wasnt like it was just her , he said the whole room and all the air was making this sound until he couldnt think.. He did what your suppose to do, he screamed and ran to the neighbors house.. lol
They came and checked and of course no one was there. I beleived him.

We were going to the neighbors now and then when there would be loud bangs comming from downstairs from pots and pans being thrown together we had cats and they would come racing. The cats were always looking at things I couldnt see.
I often wondered what had been there before the had built our neighborhood, when we fiorst moved in it was basically a soybean feild behind us with patches of woods.
Exploring those woods we would find old abaondoned cars and shacks and wonder about them.

Anyway I lived in an apt when I was about 19 that I shared with some friends form highschool.
In this apt there was a wall we couldnt keep a picture on no matter what the fan above the stove would cut on and off by itself, and one night I was watching TV in one of my roomates room when there was a knock at his door we both said "Come in" at the same time. No one came in, so he got up and opened the door and no one was there, I went and checked on the others in the apt, one was asleep and the other was in the living room playing gtr with headphones on and seemed confused when I asked if he had knocked.
During that period it seemed as if demons were everywhere trying to influence me to do terrible things. I could almost see them sitting around whispering terrible things to me, it was just prior that I had been at my gf apt and she was going to walk back to mine with me and she went in the restroom as I went outside. I heard "Here, Im right here" in my right ear as if someone were satnding right there, I turned around and asked if she had saifd something( I knew she hadnt) and of course she said no. Back then when I walked down the street I used to want to kill everyone in every car I saw. I used to want to posses every weapon known to man and use it on evrything and person I could see.
This wasnt me, and if you knew me you would know that although I am certainly not the one to be trifled with that I dont want to cause unwanton violence to all...
Thats how I figured out it was demonic, I think I finally came to the conclusion that they were trying AWFULLY hard to get me to do something terrible, and if that was the case then I must be important.That God must have had something in the future he wanted me to do and they wanted to make that not possible. Knowing that helped alot.

They put lots of evil people around me and I was at odds with my friends and eventually never saw them again.
I remember one night lying in bed with my gf and hearing this same gtr riff palying over and over again thinking that the neighbors were playing this when I realized that they didnt listen to rock and I was the only one hearing that.

NOW all the above COULD possibly been some sort of psychotic break back then, maybe it was HOWEVER when my gf's mother suggested that I throw away those D&D books that I had managed to keep with me for nostalgia even though I had been house hopping since 17 everything stopped for a time.I had thrown them in a dumpster.
In fact it wasnt until years later when a friend of mine said he was throwing his out because he just didnt play anymore, I took his.They were the exact same ones I had thrown out, colored in and everything....
He said he had colored his too but the wierd thing is that we had used the same colors and eveything, it was like looking at a replica of what I had thrown out. I kept em and shoved here and there when I moved around.

In 1997 this girl I was dating and I were sitting on the couch in my apt's livingroom, the couch looked out onto the balcony(we were on the second floor) where earlier I had been out smoking and had left an empty pack of Marlboro lights on the railing. we both looked up at the same time and saw what is almost impossible to describe , in thinking back its impossible but we both screamed as this white figure which appeared to be on a bike of all thinigs rode by and snatched the empty pack up and kept going right across our feild of view. My brother who lived with us and his friend came busting out of his room with his friend brandishing an AK47 of all things!! LOL, I was pissed and relieved that there was suddenly large weaponry available. Talk about mixed emotions! So we went outside and looked around but of course we saw nothing, empty pack not on the ground nothing...

The apt I lived in before getting my home was frequently visited, it was so common place we just lived with it, I have already told somewhere on here about how my gf and I had walked into the kitchen and began arguing about the lack of breakfast when the was a BAM and a Woooooooooooooo behind us and we turned around to see a cd labeler that had suddenly crashed onto the dining room table and began spinning at the inhuman speed, I asked her if she was seeing this and she was, so I walked over to it and put my hand in the air over this thing as it spun.It kept spining for like a minute then it ended up where gravity says it should not be , balanced on the point that the cd goes over ( the labelr's are essentially something that looks like those things that balnk cd's come on but much shorter). When things like that haoppen all you can do is ask what WAS that? Over and over again..

Also there the bed would shake frequently at night in the dark (that was the scariest thing) , I didnt say anything about it for quite a long while because spirits love attention so I just let it go until one noght it REALLY flet like someone was pushing rapidly on the end of it harder than usual so I had to ask "Is that you?" and of course my gf said " I always thought that was you." So that was creepy.
Plants leaves would vibrate there and doors would open and close, the front door was forever being unlock while we were away and if we were there it would unlock and be open when you walked by, I did not like that as I have lots of expensive recording equipment and I didnt want to be home invaded or robbed.
The crowning thing though was when my daughter and I were sitting on the couches watching tv , the couches were placed sort of in a backward L formation with the door to the master bedroom towards the top of the L. My daughter caught it out of the corner of her I eye and I was looking directly at it and she turned to see it as well as a LARGE shadow figure which appeared to be wearing one of those stove pipe hats walked across the doorway and into the wall.She turned and looked at me and I asked what she had seen and she described what I had seen, so of course I get up go in the room and nothing there.

I think the final experience I will list here is on Halloween my stepgrandaughter was at our apt and she asked did the ghost do anything today? I said nope, and she said that you figure it would because its halloween. She then went in the bathroom and when she came back out of the room that the bathroom was in the door slammed on her butt! LOL
Before we moved in our house I threw out those D&D books and havent had much happen since.
She screamed and aked did anyone see that? I was the only one who had but I was laughing and telling her now the ghost has shown itself on halloween!
Anyway Im sure there are more , in fact I know there are more, but my hand is getting tired. lol
Really enjoyed reading that CMF, but could you tell me what D&D books are? Is it Dungeans and Dragons?

All my life I always wanted to be somebody. Now I see that I should have been more specific...
Yes, that what they are. That's a mighty long tale that you told. I have had similar experiences myself. I hadn't listed all my experiences.

Ya , Dungeons and Dragons, Im not saying the game is evil per se, just saying that if you have books with every Major and Minor demon and deamon and pagan god listed you might just encourage saomething apparently.
After i had my demon attack, after the ouija board experience, i got rid of all my paranormal books. I remember it like it was yesterday. I had loads, some on astral travel, on how to heal, by Betty Shine, and i just scooped them up and dumped them in the bin.

(08-10-2009, 11:40 AM)CMF Wrote: Ya , Dungeons and Dragons, Im not saying the game is evil per se, just saying that if you have books with every Major and Minor demon and deamon and pagan god listed you might just encourage saomething apparently.

All my life I always wanted to be somebody. Now I see that I should have been more specific...
Got better after that didnt it?
Hey, CMF! Loved your stories. I love your sense of humor, too. The door hitting your G'mas butt on Halloween - that's awesome!
I've heard several stories associated with D&D where weird things happened when people started playing. That does not surprise me at all. I know nothing about it, but don't you call on spirits or say chants or something like that to play?

Eyepriestess, did it get better when you threw your stuff away? I have always had nutty things happen (I've shared a couple stories on TGT) even before I started using Tarot cards. I have quit using them basically because they told me to. Weird, huh? But for some reason I can not throw them away. I don't feel like they are the source of my experiences, though. My experiences are what got me interested in them.
"It sounded like a bad fry, unimportant, with a bowl of rice." ~ Victor

"When someone loves you, the way they say your name is different. You just know that your name is safe in their mouth." ~ Billy, age 4

D.R. you dont do any chanting or anything, its supposed to be about using your imagiantion and dice. I had taken it to another level though and wasreally into creating my own worlds and studying monsters creating my own "magical" writing and languages and spells and what not. I mean I was DEEP into my own little world when I was a kid getting into it.
As a older teen I wasnt into it at all but the experiences kept happening and as an adult I just "had" the books sitting around on a shelf.

You dont do any junk to summon spirits or anything.
Hey, CMF.
Ok, forgive me. Again, I know nothing about it. I've just heard this and that. Thank you.
"It sounded like a bad fry, unimportant, with a bowl of rice." ~ Victor

"When someone loves you, the way they say your name is different. You just know that your name is safe in their mouth." ~ Billy, age 4

I have a friend that has been assaulted by a demon i guess you could say i would like to hear any of tips shes been to churches had blessings her entire family have helped to no avail It started with a passing in her family this thing breathes on her she says its warm and yes it sexually assaults her it can read her mind and speaks and draws pictures in the sky and her entire family are scared its started attacking family members around her apparently she closes her eyes and it draws pictures in her mind

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