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Tell Us About Your Ghost Encounter
personally, i believe that ghosts do not exist but in the past i have experienced things that i thought was rather strange.

there have been times when i have felt a stange presence, heard some strange noises but the weirdest one was probably when i could have sworn that i saw a man standing in the shadows and he appeared to fade away right in front of me. i saw him very clearly and thats why i was so confused.

now i am an atheist and i believe that this encounter i had was entirely imaginary, however i still felt a little unnerved by it.

i know lots of people who claim to have seen or heard some strange things but my experiences are very limited and i do not believe that any experience has no logical explanation but i of course am open to the idea of being wrong.
hey. well it would take too long to type out all my experiences(can't type), but just a few. me and family were watching tv, i believe i was 9 or 10 a the time, and a book flies off a shelf straight out 2 middle of room and then drops straight down onto the floor. and many aren't going to believe this part, name of the book? spirit communication. went to go upstairs one night and the sound of somebody pounding down steps stopped right in front of me, problem was, no one was there. first day moving into this same house,(brand new house parents had built), everyone in family was in basement when we heard what sounded like someone walking across kitchen with hard sole shoes. stopped in middle of floor and stopped there. we went up to see who walked into house and of course, the classic no one there. mom took me and brother to bed one night and when she came back downsairs, pendulum on wall clock was turned around backwards. took my dad an hour to take it apart and turn it back around. well theres just a few. peace, L.Dixon
On November 25, 2008, 5:32 am, my best friend died (My ferret, and yes, I remember the exact date and time). She was my seven year old ferret... who died of fright. We were BEST friend, we did everything together! I loved her to death... but she started to change. Well, first she got cataracts (I didn`t care, all ferrets get cataracts, and they do just as well blind as they do without being blind). But soon, she started seeing things. I rememer seeing a small orange light, and my ferret stared at it light she was hypnotized. I started freaking out. I kept saying Woozie over and over, and she didn`t listen. After a while, she would stop breathing, and stare at things that I couldn`t see. One night, we were playing with a squeaker and I todded it. She rushed after it, but stopped... dead stopped. Frozen. She didn`t blink. I almost screamed and soon, she let out a scream (ferrets do this if they`re feeling about to be harmed or a GREAT deal of pain) and I saw her fall. I rushed over to her and she was dead. I looked over and the squeaker was gone. Also, before she died, I saw that orange light, but much larger. I miss her terribly!
well i have expirience different kind of paranormal but this one was so cripy, i was trying to find signal for my phone, it was in our collage school, our school was located near valley, well as what im saying i was looking for the signal for my phone but im so unlucky to find it thats why i deside to move to the second flor and try to find signal for my phone, definetly one bar came up to my phone, oh at last SIGNAL... but its not that stable i try to walk maybe 4 step after the stairs until i reach up the 1st class room, I desided to move inside and suprisingly my signal bar is full, now let me back on my topic, while im trying to send my message i dont know what is buthering me inside the room, i fell someone is wathcing me but its impossible im all alone in thier, so i try to make a wistel nois so it can make me comfortable, but sudenlly i realize someone is wsteling too, so i stop witleing to fnd out if it is true, then i heard it, someone is trying to wistel like i did. OMG!!!! i said to my self, but of coures lot of things runs though my mind, because the wistel sound is coming inside that room, but insted of panic i preapare to be calm and try to talk to someone i cant see, I said that's not the proper way of wisteling, this is the right way, i said then the sound gone,... after that insident i hurrying moving out from that frecky room and try to cough up with that cripy ghost... running down from second to first floor,,, WOWOW..... that's so cripy!!!!!
As I've mentioned before, I was born and raised in Decatur, Illinois. This town has many unrested spirits, largely due to the fact that it's built on top of old cemeteries and Indian burial grounds. Growing up in my old house was scary in many ways,fascinating in others.

From the time we moved in, I had an "imaginary friend" I can still see her fresh in my mind, a little girl about my age (6) with dark curly hair. I remember wondering why she was dressed like my Holly Hobbie doll. I don't really remember specific conversations just that she was always there. She had a very unusual name,Darana, and that struck my mother as odd. Most children give their imaginary friends simple names, and this was a name no one had ever heard before.

Through the years most of the strange things that happened were either to me or my mother.
She was alone in the house doing dishes one morning when she felt someone pull her hair. Another time she was alone doing laundry in the basement and she heard the front door open and close and footsteps that stopped just above where she was standing. Thinking it was my dad, she went upstairs to greet him, only to discover there was no one in the house.
she was so scared that she abandoned the laundry project, and went on the front porch to wait for my dad.

The only ime I felt the real danger was when I was standing on the stairway right above the landing and I was pushed off the steps. I didn't just fall though... I shot straight for the window that was directly across from where I was standing. My mother was at the foot of the stairs and ran to me. My backside had gone through the window, shattering the glass. Aside from a large and very inconveniently placed cut, I was okay. But what I remember very clearly was the sensation of an arm pulling me back so I wouldn't fall out the window. It wasn't Mom because she hadn't reached me yet.

I've lived in other creepy houses since that time, as this town is chock full of them. None of them affected me personally as deeply as that one did.

Anyway, that's my story, and I thank you all for letting me share it. I look forward to comparing ghost stories with you.
“Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away.” ~Philip K. Dick

This encounter was at my old house, in which I miss in some ways but am glad I moved. It was an ordinary day as any other day had been, so I called my friend over for a sleep over. My mother and grandmother were the only one's home, since my aunt uncle & two kids had went to there friends house for a sleep over.

So I used there room to sleep in because they had a bigger bed and all. So that night my friend and I started to get tired and we had just got done watching T.V for the night and wanted to lay down to go to sleep.

An hour or so passed by when I hear this weird noise, of course I was asleep so I thought I was dreaming, so I had went back to bed thinking nothing of it.

Moments later, I get rudely awoken by a flash light in my face as my friend had woken my up telling me there was something in the room.

So no sooner as she said that I had just turned around and seen a rather tall & slender figure standing there couldn't really make out the specific facial & body details but I could see that the figure was slender and tall.

The room started to get real cold and a very uneasy feeling started to set in. I knew that is wasn't my mother or my grandmother because they were both in bed & both of them are short.

I didn't know what to do so I just turned around & covered my head with the blanket, trying to ignore the uneasy feeling in the room as I closed my eyes tightly in hopes that what ever it was would go away.

The next morning after, my friend and I had woken up and smelled this weird smell in the room. I can't really explain the smell but it seemed to be only in that one room.
I posted earlier that I was in my uncle's old room and had exp. there, I had said that the closet door would open on i's own, Bracket had said that it was not uncommon for someone to not check the door to see that it was shut. But when you're scared to death, you tend to check out every little thing. I did not leave the doors open, I did not leave the light on, the damned thing just seem to come open by itself. No disrespect! But it really did have a life of it's own. This is the same room that my mother swore that she felt her dead cat lying next to her, and even heard him purring. I would not make this up, I am as curious about this as anyone would be.
I messed up, I should have said that the other posts were on grandma's house. Sorry!
...and I saw there was a path to Hell, even from the gates of Heaven.
My first experiance with the supernatural was when I was 14. After my Granfather passed away, he left my Mother the house which she grew up in since her older sister was written out of his will because she walked out on all of us. Anyways, my Mother got the house and a week after we aquired it, we moved in. My bedroom was in the basement, since it was a furnished suite. It was a nice house, my Grandfather bought it in the 1940's after the war. It was one of those houses that was attached to two other houses on either side. The first encounter that I had was sitting on the stairs that led up to the second and third floor. I was talking to my Mother and I suddenly felt extreamely cold, like a gush of air was being pushed through the wall. But when I felt the wall, I felt no draft. How could their be? It was a solid wall.
My second encounter was while I was in the basement. I remember this vividly because the next day I started grade ten at a new school. I was in my bed watching a movie and I heard someone coming down the stairs, but no one was there. I was so sure of it because the stairs obviously wouldnt creak that way unless stepped on. I assumed that it was either the ghost of my Grandfather or Grandmother. Nothing harmless. During the next year until the day my Mother died, she recalled hearing footsteps, laughing and the smell of my Grandmothers hairspray. Occasionally Id smell marijuana because my Grandfather used to smoke it when he was younger. Once in a while I'd hear the footsteps down the stairs again and feel the cold spots. But it never nerved me because I knew it was just my Grandparents. We sold the house and moved to Edmonton about a year ago. And sometimes I can still smell Grandma's hairspray.
Cold spots are often felt when there is a spirit present. I'm sure there are other explanations, but that is the one I choose to believe. Especially when there is no other source for a draft. The smells associated with your grandparents I would wager are their spirits continuing to watch over your family. Unless someone's smoking pot in your house and hiding it....that's a pretty distinctive smell....from what I remember anyway!

In the house I grew up in, there was an elderly woman that was always in the kitchen. I distinctly remember smelling lilac perfume, which was not something my mom or anyone that came to visit would wear.
“Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away.” ~Philip K. Dick

Ahaha. My Dad gave up smoking pot a long time ago and I was never too fond of it. Lol.
I believe that all those experiances were linked to my Grandparents spirits for sure. I dont see any other explaination.
But it makes me feel rather nice to know that they're here watching over me and my family.
Lol. There used to be an old woman who lived in the house before my Grandfather bought it, although growing up and playing in the house, I remember hearing Chopin records playing and my Grandma freaking out and refusing to go downstairs in the basement ever.. But that's another story for another thread. xD

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