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Time Slips / Time Travel...ghosts? Other worlds?
I recently read about a young man who was on the road, driving, and saw a restaraunt at the side of the road. He was hungry, so he stopped and ate there. He said the resteraunt was beautiful and promised to stop there on his way back. On his return journey, he passed through that town, and the resteraunt was nowhere to be seen. He drove through the town several times, asked around, nobody had seen nor heard of the place where he had literally sat down and ate his meal.

There are many stories online and in literature about people/places that seem to appear then disappear. What do you think? Is this some sort of "time slip" where other worlds collide with ours? Or could it be like another version of a haunting? Or perhaps even being able to travel back in time...

Any opinions and related stories would be appreciated as I find it really interesting!
This is a true story when I was a kid,my mother wanted this two story yellow victorian house,so my father found the owner and we took a tour.
There was a big beatiful mantaled fire place .
My mother wanted to move in right away,so the next so many days I can't remember I was little.
We moved in and there was no fire place at all.
all of us remember looking at it.
That's a great encounter. So did you come up with any idea of what this meant?

I do think homes that are lived in for many years can draw energy from it's occupants, and perhaps buildings/furniture can appear now and then, just as ghosts do.
Two of the more interesting ones I've heard of...

1) A woman driving in Scottland droce her car off the road. She has to walk several miles to call for a tow truck. As she crested a hill she saw several lights in the distance. Moving closer to them she realized they were torches being held by people in old style clothes who were moving through a field of bodies, inspecting them and occasionally dragging them away. She held off reporting the incident for several years. Once the report did come out, the womans claim was investigated and it was found that a battle had occurred near where she had seen the men with torches several hundred years prior, and the clothing worn at the time evidentally matched the womans description.

2) Two women were walking through he gardens of Versailles, after a short while they stopped seeing other tourists and began noticing that everyone they saw appeared to be "in costume". Eventually they moved into an area where they saw no one. A short while later they came about another group of tourists. They eventually questioned the number of "reinactors" only to find out that there had been none.

Anyway, I really think time slips are entirely possible. Given the current theories about the movement of time (how is if more like a river than an arrow, looping and crossing and forming whirlpools, etc.) I think that time slips could simply be that place where the river of time crosses itself ever so briefly.

What seems odd, though is that we have no reports (or known reports) of people from the past suddenly having visions of the future.
Actually I went back to the house about 15 years ago just to see if all the things we went thruogh there was true.
It was still standing but,it was boarded up,so I tried to find the owners and the house next door said thats it condemed.
God, I wanted to rent it just for one night.The place was so haunted,it made it's self look good so we would move in.
You are correct about this.
I found this in my collection of local stories i think it's a very interesting idea that we can move between time and not realise, i wonder how many of us this has happened too but we've not been aware! In 1997, a 10-year-old boy named Thomas went to visit his grandmother, and as soon as his Gran gave him two pounds' pocket money, the boy sneaked out and went in search of the nearest sweetshop. He found one on the corner of Smithdown Lane and Grinfield Street (Liverpool suburbs), and after gazing in awe at the array of unfamiliar sweets, he decided he'd buy a 'lucky bag' and he'd also have a bag of sherbet-filled 'flying saucers' from a huge glass jar. However, the woman behind the counter gave a puzzled look at the pound coin Thomas was tapping on the counter, and when he gave it to her, she studied it, then handed it back. The woman apparently believed the coin was fake, or perhaps unfamiliar foreign currency.
Thomas complained to his Gran about the shopkeeper, and she told him there was no sweetshop on the corner of the street he mentioned. Thomas became so upset, his Gran decided to go and see where the shop was that he was talking about, but Thomas was dumbstruck, because the sweetshop had apparently vanished, and modern houses stood in its place. Thomas's grandmother suddenly recalled that a shop called Rigby's had once stood exactly at the location her grandson mentioned, but that shop had been demolished a long time ago. She wondered if Thomas had somehow strolled back in time to that shop. That would explain why the shopkeeper rejected his currency; the pound coin was not introduced until 1983. (There is actually a picture of the old sweetshop as it was in the 70's in the exact spot the little boy claimed!)

This is not the only story of this kind to be reported in Liverpool, if i find some more i'll post them on here!
That's an amazing story, WhoYouGonnaCall! It makes you wonder, doesn't it, about the essence of ghosts and souls etc. Do we always exist, but just change dimensions at different times?
Many years ago I lived on a housing estate that had been built on a WW2 airbase, lots of reports of haunting. I used to go across the main road to pick blackberries. The first time I went over there I walked along part of the old runway and found some old bunkers, found it quite interesting. The next time I went over the road, there was no trace of a runway and just a few piles of rubble where bunkers had once been. I retraced my steps again and again, but never found what I had seen on my first visit.
Veni, vidi, velcro - I came, I saw, I stuck around
That's amazing, Shana. I always wondered...these things keep appearing then disappearing...imagine being in the location when it disappears again! I wonder if anyone would get lost in space quite literally.
Yes, I've wondered about that too, I could have end up in WW2, scary thought with all the Lancasters flying overhead!
Veni, vidi, velcro - I came, I saw, I stuck around

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