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Da Vinci Code
I know they aren't real. I just love the history that is pulled in to them and the fact that none of us know for sure... so "what if"? It's just more ideas to consider. And these books/movies bring up historical facts to be researched that I (and others) may not have known about otherwise.
I understand hardcore Christians are gonna have a problem with these books/movies.
I am not in any way saying these are factual. I just think they are absolutely fabulous as far as piquing interest in finding the truth. They are very well thought out and put together beautifully.
I love Dan Browne. In an interview he said that after he gave a speech on the Da Vinci code, he asked if there were any questions thinking a handful of people would raise their hands. The whole crowd of 300 raised their hands. He was impressed that a nerve wast struck. When that happens, the need for more truth grows and people are inspired to go and try to find it.
After all, isn't that partly why we have come together in this forum?
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