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What was the purpose of the stone formation at Stonehenge? How (and who) was it built?

I have read a few books and seen some TV shows, but there is a lot of disagreement on how this strange circle was arranged and what it's purpose was.

What do you think about Stonehenge? Was it really built by the Durids? Or is it much older than that?
I believe that Stonehenge is older than the Druids. The Druids discovered the stones and made use of them, but they were not the builders.

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I agree. Stone henge was already around long before the Druids came into existence. It was used by a much older culture or race.

I am sure that when the Druids found the stone circle they thought it was very significant. They would have been awed by it and anyone would have easily believed that it had a magical purpose.
As far as we know Stone Henge was built, or erected, about 3,000 BC - Over 5,000 years ago!

No one is sure who was responsible for building Stone Henge though it is commonly thought that it was the Druids.
It's clear that they weren't used by the Druids because Druids perform their rites among trees in the forest.

About a year or two ago, I read a book by Bernard Cornwell called Stonehenge and I thought his theory laid out in the book was as plausible as any. He mentioned nothing of Druids and put it at a very old age.
druids didnt build it. they used it as a place for prayer. Many belive that stonehenge is a landmark left by aliens. a sort of simple crop circle. their way of saying "we've been here."
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The History Channel did a bit on Stonehenge-- links to a clip from their site can be found here

Radiocarbon dating actually pegged bodies buried at Stonehenge as being 4000-years prior to the druids... they date to 4200 BC, during the neolithic period. The current standing theory is that it was built as a location to host human sacrifice and burials afterwards... granted, the place is still shrouded in mystery and why it was created is merely speculation.

Stonehenge is supposedly a place to worship death and woodhenge is supposedly where life was worshiped....
An old thread, but i find this topic fascinating so thought I would bump it. Any more ideas on how it came to be???
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I believe that it was built by the first race that was here before we were created by God
In my thoughts if we were able to see and know more about the other universes we would find more of these things.

I believe that this old earth has harbored many races and life forums that we are unaware of and things that are still to be find only to peek our interest
how did people from wayyy back know about ley lines?
because stonehenge was built on a ley line....why would they wanna
build it on those things? I don't get Stonehenge. lol
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