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UFO Dreams
For many years I have suffered with very vivid dreams of UFOS. In all of my dreams of these things there is always an eerie weird/type feeling to the dream as a whole. Most of my dreams involving UFOS are the type in which I am viewing them from the ground, looking up, as they hover, or glide over my head.
Sometimes I am being chased by them, and one time, in one of my dreams, one of them actually touched my shoulder. I could feel the coldness of it, very strange feeling. Another time, I…

Posted on Fri, 11 Dec 2009 18:58:34 +0000 at
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I love i great UFOs or ALIENs related Dreams i dreamed about a UFOs alien invasion its classic dreams you can almost write a bible of that and bla bla bla thx for your story !!! Do you know dreams sachet in witchcraft you can make flying dreams and dream like a fish falling on you and next day they is a fish rain in scottland ... Bye E=mc2

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