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Real Vampires - The secretive Order of Aset Ka
This is not much connected with the paranormal but more related with the occult, spirituality and hidden mysteries. I will post here some information for open discussion, also driven from other sources to validate the information from credible articles.
I would appreciate some open mind while discussing this subject, and ask for anyone to please work their research before being quick to judge the reliability of such information. Most of what is presented here is the result from hard work from anthropologists, historians and scholars of the occult that have spent years studying the vampire culture and its hidden aspects.

The Order of Aset Ka is an occult order of mysteries that was founded in Ancient Egypt, but then spread throughout the world as the Egyptian empire fell. It exists nearly in silence to this day, as a very private and secretive organization, with influence across many countries worldwide, but believed to have its central headquarters in Europe.
The order is said to protect and keep the identity of the Asetians, a culture and type of beings that are speculated by occult scholars as being the first vampires in history, as well the genesis of the vampire myths in ancient times, like Sekhmet in Ancient Egypt, and later the Nosferatu and other myths in medieval Europe.
The Asetians are beings that are said to be human in appearance, but would feel different to the aware eyes. Owners of a mysterious but seductive allure, they are blood drinkers and predators, living in a society that most of us cannot comprehend or imagine. They are mostly nocturnal, but live among modern society, hidden and in silence, just watching…
The Asetian culture has inspired and influenced history in many ways, sometimes without anyone realizing, from the fall of empires to modern fiction. A good example are the bestselling novels Harry Potter, written by JK Rowling, who has studied occult mysteries in Portugal before returning to the UK to publish her first book. Being Portugal one of the most speculated places for the headquarters of the Aset Ka. Anyone familiar with Rowling's work will know about the Dark Mark, these magical tattoos used by Death Eaters on the left wrist. What a big coincidence, when the Asetians are known for having a black tattoo on their left wrist, called by many as their Dark Mark. This symbol, called by the Asetians as the Asetian Sigil, is composed of Ancient Egyptian spiritual iconography, as the Ankh which means Eternal Life and the Wings of Aset. You can see a representation of the Asetian Dark Mark on the cover of the book Asetian Bible.

For anyone interested in the subject of vampirism or into learning more about this secret culture and society, there is a book entitled the Asetian Bible, written by international author Luis Marques, that explains many of the mysteries and history behind the Aset Ka, being published by the order itself.

For some quick reading, there is the official website of the order itself, which has some interesting articles:

As well as a very interesting article from the Paranormal Encyclopedia:

I hope this information has been of interest to most of you, and would allow you to better understand the nature and origins of the vampire.

Hey Josh,
I knew nothing about this-so off to read the articles. I saw Eyepriestess brought this up briefly in another vampire thread. Sounds like this will be a great discussion.
**Facta non verba**
I agree MM. I'm off to visit the articles as well. Thank you for sharing Josh.
My pleasure. Smile

I have the book and have enjoyed researching (very little) of Aset Ka.
Clever marketing, I'd say. Nothing about this whole thing appears before 2006 or around that time. I think it looks like a very clever internet marketing scheme.

And, the "bible" is selling for $99. This, after them stating on their "website" (Why would a secret society NEED a website?) that there are no items for sale that are from them. I find that kind of funny.

So, tell everyone in this age of loving the concept of vampires, that there are real secret ones out there - non-human, powerful, family oriented, hidden, etc., and then hint at the initiation process of the Dark Kiss that allows mere wanna be mortals to be a part of the elite immortals.


I also find it beyond funny that the official site mentioned J. K. Rowlings. Seriously? She wrote a series of books (Harry Potter) that have brought her fame and fortune. I think Senior Luis Marques might be a tad envious. He even tries to rope her into his schtick by implying she "studied" certain things the Ascetians claim is part of their occult knowledge before she wrote the books.

I'm underwhelmed.
You know a secret society with vampires? Ordo Strigoi Vii. Interestingly, psychic vampires are barred admittance. It was founded by a big name in the vampire culture, Father Sebastian. They're based in Paris, and the outer circle (The part they let the public see, no big occult mysteries there, just Goth guys) organizes vampire-themed events.

The Temple of Set also has The Order of the Vampire.
"I guess the battle between Good and Evil is sort of irrelevant."
Looks to be typical of the many secret mystery traditions/schools.
You walk in the long grass and wonder why you can not see!!
I truly think it was invented by this Marques guy to make money from the sale of the book. Also, if you look, there are now other companion books for sale as well. One is a photographic picture book supposedly made by the hands of these members of said secret society.

If I wanted to keep a society secret, then I think I'd probably skip the PR and books about it.

Also, to even mention J. K. Rowlings FICTIONAL work in conjunction with some kind of magical vampire secret is outrageous. I'd be more likely to believe that the writer of this Asetian bible book nicked the Dark Mark from HER, not the other way around.

I'm only speculating, but I think I see an attempt to create a mystique and a fantasy history about a hot topic - vampires. It looks like the whole thing was cobbled together to give it the appearance of an ancient society, and padded with all sorts of mixed myths and new age stuff. Add a little Harry Potter, and there you have it.

Then, create a website about it. Promote the book, but tell interested followers that it is only for the rare human who is deserving. Stress the secret and powerful immortal nature of the adepts.

Does no one else see this? There is a website for a supposedly secret society that no one is supposed to be aware of? Why? To tell the world they have secrets that humans can't know? "We have a secret, and we won't ever tell?"

What it would possibly do is fuel sales of the books. Can't see any other purpose. And it looks like it's doing that.

Meh. I got the book for like 20 bucks. I waste that on weird stuff at target. I'm not saying I believe in it, just like I don't believe in the vampire bible or any kind of organized "vampire" cult/group. I'm at heart a skeptic, so I don't believe much of anything online and only 10% of what I perceive.

But beyond that, I thought the book was very interesting. ( And I noticed similarities between Anne Rice's mythology and Aset Ka.)

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