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How To Get Rid Of Demons!
UglyNRude....Wow! You are certainly opinionated and have a way with words. It really is an admirable quality...your way with words that is. Your closed mind, however; is not. While I agree with alot of your comments about our capitalistic, money driven society and the problems inherient therein there is some truth to believing that the medical and scientific community are not always correct in their diagnosis. Sometimes the answer is not always "scientific" but rather "spiritual" in nature...and vice versa. I am not one to throw the hard work and years of experience of our medical and scientific communities right out the window to follow extreme religious individuals such as Tom Cruise. Nor I am I one to follow the new age movement of not immunizing my children or going to the doctor when I am sick. Medical advances in these areas have saved millions of lives and as unfortunate as it may be, there will be some to die from their bodies inability to handle a particular immunization. Does this mean we should throw the immunizations out the window because there is an increase in autism due to these vacinations (which has been found to only be a coincedence because the rate of autism did not decrease with the removal of the mercury)? No. The advancement of medicine is necessary. It would be very close minded, not to mention ridiculous, of me to say that we don't need that because faith should heal everything. God created doctors to heal and to discover medicine and therapies to advance mankind. The same can be said for scientists. However, science is not always right. Doctors are not always right. I'm not talking about the advancement of the prideful remedies that you referred to in the prior post.

Science is based on THEORIES...sometimes they are right and unfortuneatly sometimes they are wrong. Just look at carbon dating. Do you think carbon dating science has been around long enough to disprove the 10,000 year date? fact there is beginning to be proof that the earlier theories of the concept are not completely correct.

Now lets take a look at this wonderful medical society. Take a look at how many class action lawsuits exist for medication of any kind. For most cases, if you have say a problem with organ X and you weigh _____ and you are _____ years of age, then you can have ____ mg of this medication ___ # of times a day. Often times the lack or abuntance of the vitamins and minerals in your body are never considered. Perhaps your slightly allergic to one of the preservatives. Perhaps your blood type is O+ instead of AB-. Perhaps your liver is not working properly or you have a condition where anything you eat or drink do not process through your body properly because the valve at the bottom of your stomach gets stuck quite often. How does that medication work then? You see medication is meant for the masses that don't have these extra sensative problems. And then what about the person that doesn't have a problem with organ X...the test was wrong, the lab tech was busy texting and mixed up the test results. But lets not discount this just yet.

Instead...let us look more closely at study of the human know the one on trial in the movie of the "Exorcism of Emily Rose". Isn't that really what was on trial here? Medical Mental Science versus the Spiritual World. You claim that her parents should be blamed because they threw the doctors advise out the window. You are depending on a scientific world that is studying the one organ of the body (the brain) that is still very unknown in many ways and you are defending mental disorders that are still criticised just as much as demonic possession. Have you considered how much the "insanity" defense is frowned upon in many court cases? You also said that it was her parents that had always believed it was demonic in nature. How is it that you are so sure that it was not demonic? Were you there? Have you ever experienced the horror of a demon? How many mentally sick people do you know? I am not saying that there are not mentally sick people or that as our society progresses into being a more materialistic, it's all about me society that humans have not suffered. Trust me...I've seen and heard more about this dark, sick part of society than I ever cared or wanted to see. I agree that there are many mentally ill people in our society and I also believe that there are a great number of them that are probably possessed...if nothing else by the very fact that there years of abuse rendered their very souls too weak to overcome demonic possession. Others are just plain wicked to the demon is needed here because perhaps their soul is even darker than the demon that checks it out.

I understand your frustations that those in power turn there heads in favor of producing more Medicare and Medicaid or other systems that benefit those in power. Perhaps your gift of gab would be better used in attacking the core of the problem. The Devil. I haven't been a member long enough to know if you believe in this or not...but the devil is very real. I danced with him long enough to vouch for that. We live in a society where the government wants to keep the poor on welfare. Our government claims that there are programs to educate the poor to get them off welfare but they don't "advertise" the income gap that comes along with it. Here in KY when you are a single mother with 2 kids and you earn $20,000 you are eligible for $20,000 in benefits that are awarded in the form of food stamps, housing and childcare. If your income increases to $24,000 in this same scenario you lose your benefits. So basically you lose $16,000 by trying to earn more money. How many degrees are you aware of that you can graduate earning $40,000? How is this promoting getting off of welfare? Now lets take this scenario combine it with the fact that many tax laws are written against the middle class (in politics presented as "the rich"), the trend of various laws and current economic conditions that are erasing the self-employed businesses and small to medium corporations with the ideal of the "illuminati and a one world government".....not to mention we are near the end of times if you buy into the whole "mayan calendar and 2012 propoganda." (Personally, I believe the end is near...but it has nothing to do with 2012.)

My point is this.....and this alone.....I can go on and on gabbing about medical science, its problems and its sucess. I was a 4th year chemical engineering student before transferring to accounting ...yet none of this matters when you face losing everything but your family and the clothes on your back. Science is real....Medication and relief and cures are real....but more importantly the source behind it all is the real TRUTH...GOD. There is God. There is the Devil. There are angels and demons. I don't completely understand ghosts...but they exist...wheter really or energetically (as nothing can be created or destroyed). I don't discount anything...this includes medicine and science....but I also realize that as much influence that God has in all things, so does the Devil.

Split Personality or Demon Possessed? If my husband ever had to stand trial for some event...I'm guessing that most jurors would throw both ideas out and just say guilty as charged. Its a little easier to go with mainstream that venture into the unknown.
"Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil." Ephesians 6:11
I'm so glad that people on this forum who are mostly (i think) are Christians that believe in entities such as ghosts... When I was forced to go to a Private Christian School, they tried to brainwash me telling me NO!!!! I know that their intentions were good, but in execution it felt more like a communist prison than anything else.....
[Image: 2i1zgj6.jpg]

Well, the reason I ask is just for one out of curiosity. But, secondly my boyfriend suffers from alot of the things I see everyday people suffer from when they are tormented by demons. It seems as though, something has followed him around all his life. He remembers so early as 4-years-old when he first encountered something horrifying in his first home in Arizona. He claims a supernatural force dragged him down his hallway while he was clawing to get free, and dragged him into the bathroom where he kept all his toys. His mom couldn't find him for over an hour. Finally, in distress she found him in that bathroom underneath a bunch of toys, he remembers waking up to his mom panicking as she came into the bathroom. He had been in a deep sleep in there for a while. He swears he can picture this episode so clearly as if it were yesterday. And he still can't figure out what it was, other than a demon.

When he got older like the ages of 8 to 11-years old. He thought he was crazy, because he used to hear a voice in his head that would say, " F--k God, f--k God, F--k God." He would hear this over and over in his head, like no other. And the sad part is he kept this to himself, never telling anyone because he thought he would be made fun of by his family and friends. By the time he entered his teens it subsided, but that's when sex, drugs and alcohol became a problem for him. He still struggles with addiction to this day, I even refuse to be around him when he gets intoxicated because I swear he turn into the Devil himself, and won't remember a thing the next day.

He also has experienced a heavy presence like a hand on his chest or back while sleeping, thinking it's me, he turns around but there's no one. And he also suffers from severe depression, I believe he might be bipolar, but he won't get help in fear they'll put him on drugs that won't let him think straight, among other things. Throughout his life, so many bad things have happened to him because of circumstance, I really do believe there is a dark spirit that torments him and has tried to force itself on me, but I think because I have such a strong spirit and deep faith, that it can't harm me although it's tried.

(05-27-2009, 11:34 AM)eyepriestess Wrote: You don't even need a soulish tie for a demon that is attached to one person to take a fancy for another person who is around them. The reason it may go from one person to the other, well the other person may be a much more vulnerable target for the demon's ultimate goal of possession. That person may be low in self esteem or a depressive, a regular drunk or drug taker. If this is the case the demon will very likely go to this other! what an opportunity for it.

Why do you ask this? have you been around someone you believe to be possessed or have a demon which is attached to them?

(05-27-2009, 09:59 AM)Paranormal Enquirer Wrote: I also want to thank you Haunting for these informative pieces of are much appreciated. I have a question and maybe you might have an answer or just an opinion to suggest.

In regards to giving an invitation to an evil spirit, I've heard be it through my Christian background or somewhere else, that when people engage in a "sexual union" that spiritual ties can be passed through one another. Something called "soulish ties" that can transfer to another soul via sexual encounters. Soulish ties, can mean only emotional traits, bad habits, certain addiction behavior, etc. But, do you think this could also mean that a demonic entity could be passed through one another within a sexual union. I've never heard of a case like such, but I don't see why this wouldn't occur.

If one sexual encounter with a person who has an addictive personality could transfer an addictive habit through soulish ties to that other person, then surely a demon could pass to another after engaging in sex. Have you heard anything like this, or ever heard of soulish ties? Just a thought.
Close minded? I was like so many here 5 years ago, but the more I study the less I believe. I have looked at thousands of reported paranormal pictures and can lump them into several categories. Pareidolia, matrixing, camera movement, wrong settings, reflections, and the tested and explained over and over orb. Do people except this? No even with all the evidence they cling to the belief.

Do I believe in God? Not in the way others do. I believe in a universal power that we can all tap into.

I see people saying when something happens it was because god wanted it to happen. bull pucky.
One can take whatever happens and call it god.

Suppose your daughter is out driving through town; she returns safely; thank god.

She narrowly misses an accident; thank god.

She is involved in a fender-bender; thank god it wasn't worse.

She totals the car; thank god for sparing her life.

She is injured slightly; thank god she is okay.

She is crippled for life; thank god she is alive.

She is dead; praise god, who giveth and taketh away.

We all know how this works. If everything that happens is the will of god, then how is god ever verifiable?

We will always disagree on this but I think I am very open minded. If I was close minded I would have your beliefs.

Try watching this video:
Belief bias occurs when we make illogical conclusions in order to confirm our preexisting beliefs. Belief perseverance refers to our tendency to maintain a belief even after the evidence we used to form the belief is contradicted.
OK...I guess I can agree to disagree...even on the point that I'm close minded. And actually I don't think every action can be chalked up to God. While I believe in divine intervention, I also believe in free will. I don't have any pictures to try to and show anyone about my paranormal experiences unless someone on this forum would be interersted in seeing a photograph of my bedroom that was destroyed by fire and then the picture of my bible that wasn't even so much as touched by the soot that covered the rest of the house even though it was only a foot from the fire or the picture of my deceased aunt that was enclosed in a beaded ornament that was 3 feet from the fire and did not melt. However, the blinds on the opposite end of the home melted and pictures melted off the wall. I don't need to post these to receive confirmation of what I know happened that night...but I can say that it involved devine intervention. I agree that there are alot of fake pictures and stories and sadly that takes away from those of us with valid stories and/or pictures. I joined this forum to understand more about demons and how to get rid of them not to confirm what I already know. What I know is that demons are real. God is also. I'm closed minded when it comes to truth and I am open minded when it comes to the unknown.
I would also like to hear a "theory" about how items can be thrown at a person from nowhere. How is that faked?
"Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil." Ephesians 6:11

Many believe that evil spirits, called demons, can take over people’s bodies today. This was widely accepted in Europe hundreds of years ago. It is still believed by many in Africa in areas where the influence of Christianity is not strong. It is also a growing belief in America. A study revealed that about one third of all Americans believe that demons can take over the bodies of people. Is it true? Should we fear demon possession today? What does the Bible teach?

The Bible clearly teaches that evil spirits exist (James 2:19). They are called “devils” in the King James Version and “demons” in other translations of the Bible. These devils or demons must not be confused with the Devil, Satan, the Tempter (Matthew 4:11). There is only one Devil, but there are many demons.

In the Bible, we learn that demons entered into people and controlled them (Matthew 8:28-34). They were under the power of Satan (Beelzebub), the chief of all evil spirits (Matthew 12:24). They often caused sickness in the people they entered such as not being able to speak or see (Matthew 12:22); insanity or madness (Luke 8:26-36); personal injuries (Mark 9:14-26); and other bodily infirmities (Luke 13:11-17).

These demons also knew who Jesus was. They knew why He had come into the world (Luke 4:41). They believe in God (James 2:19). They fear the Judgment and eternal punishment (Matthew 8:29). This clearly shows that demons are not diseases as some have suggested. They are spirit beings who think, speak, and act. Jesus often cast demons out of people (Matthew 8:16). He also gave the ability to cast out demons to His apostles (Luke 10:17; Mark 16:17,18; Acts 5:16; 8:7; 16:16-18; 19:12). The apostles were able to give miraculous gifts to others by laying their hands on them (Acts 6:6-8; 8:14-21; 19:1-6). This included the power to cast out demons (Acts 8:5-8).

An account of Jesus’ casting out a demon is found in Mark 5:1-20. When Jesus came to the country of the Gadarenes, a man met him. He had an “unclean spirit” (demon). This demon-possessed man lived in the tombs. He wore no clothes. He was not in his right mind. He cried day and night and cut himself with stones. He also had great strength. When others had bound him with chains, he broke them and escaped. The evil spirit in the man knew who Jesus was and begged Him not to torment him. Jesus asked the evil spirit, “What is your name?” He replied, “My name is Legion; for we are many.” When Jesus commanded the demons to come out of the man, they begged him to send them into pigs who were feeding nearby. Jesus did so. The pigs ran to the cliff, fell into the sea, and drowned. When the people of the area came to Jesus, they saw this man “sitting, clothed, and in his right mind.” When the demon was cast out, the man was restored to health of body and mind.

Do demons still possess people even today? Zechariah, an Old Testament prophet, spoke of the time when Christ would come. He said: “In that day a fountain shall be opened for the house of David and for the inhabitants of Jerusalem, for sin and for uncleanness”(Zechariah 13:1). This fountain was opened when Jesus shed His blood on the cross for the sins of the world. Zechariah then said: “It shall be in that day, says the Lord of hosts, that I will cut off the names of the idols from the land, and they shall be no longer remembered. I will also cause the prophets and the unclean spirits to depart from the land" (13:2). Following the time when the Lord would die for our sins, prophets (men who spoke by the Holy Spirit) and unclean spirits (demons) would no longer be in the land (earth). When did this happen?

We have learned that the apostles could give to others the ability to work miracles. The purpose of these miracles was to confirm (prove) God’s Word (Mark 16:20: Hebrews 2:2-4). Paul said these gifts of the Holy Spirit would fail, cease, and vanish away (1 Corinthians 13:8-10). These miraculous gifts would cease when that which is perfect had come (v. 10). This refers to the New Testament, which is called the perfect law of liberty (James 1:25). One of these gifts was the power to cast out demons. Therefore, evil spirits possessing men, along with the power to cast them out, ceased when the New Testament was completed and confirmed. If demon possession continued today, Satan would have more power than God, for he could send his demons into people, but God’s people could not cast them out.

God permitted demons to possess certain people in the time of Christ and the apostles so that His power could be seen. Not only did Christ have power over nature, disease, and death, but He also had power over the spirit world. The Devil and his demons were proved to be powerless before the Son of God (Colossians 2:15; 1 John 3:8). Demons still exist, but they do not possess people today. Today, we need to be concerned about Satan, the Devil, who tempts us to sin (James 1:14; Matthew 4:3; 1 Peter 5:8).
Belief bias occurs when we make illogical conclusions in order to confirm our preexisting beliefs. Belief perseverance refers to our tendency to maintain a belief even after the evidence we used to form the belief is contradicted.
Thanks...that gives some great insight for me to consider. I know about the difference between Satan and demons....I have been reading quite a bit into this. I've actually come across a book that was explaining that there are different levels of Hell. That a hiearchy exists. I read that this hiearchy actually exists between heaven and earth and angels have to pass through it to get to us here on Earth. Alot of what I have read are interpretations of the contents of the bible. One really good book on this subject is "Spiritual Warfare" by Derek Prince. I'm also in the middle of reading "Satan, Satnism and Witchcraft" by Richard W. DeHaan. Just in case anyone I'm not getting into practicing this type of stuff...I'm trying to learn what exactly I'm fighting against. I don't think its wise to go into battle unarmed and uninformed about the enemy your fighting.
"Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil." Ephesians 6:11
When I went to a hospital there were evil people there and even the head nurse spoke about sacrificing me. There was a bible that said Jesus was a lier and how much each person was you could purchase.

A spirit or demon and the people would behave to my thoughts and after I left both times (6 weeks there or so in total) a spirit and/or demon was there bothering me in my paranoid thoughts too. The moment I would think of something at the mental hospital the TV or radio or people would do something and say something relevant to my thoughts and this was constant each day.

This led me to several conspiracy theories for the NWO if it is a demonic cult, or there are also several of them. There are mass organizations that summon spirits and worship demons in a way and have been tested by the government seeing how they can do stuff. They also tried the good way, except it was praying to water with different thoughts or words, then the waters' microscopic image would appear different to each other.

Well, I thought it was a demon that was bothering me, but now it seems like a different type of spirit or something, I can't confirm.

Here is some information I gathered.

This is one of my conspiracy theories and I have more evidence and theories, but those ones may be lacking.


HAB is a type of red algae and in the movie XXX they use a machine to kill called AHAB.

Red algae has domoic acid and saxitoxin that kills and causes amnesia and paralysis. There is no cure and can't be destroyed by freezing.

In the demented cultish anime Mnemosyne they say they will use the domoic acid from the red algae to help spread the 'seeing god' unlucky disease which is evil. They said that people would flee to Australia and places like Taiwan because that is where the birds will go and in the anime and bible it says the birds will be misleading (revelations).

Australia has something to do with Zion some religious or cultish people believe it is Zion in the bible even though Zion has not yet been cleansed according to the bible. These are parts of my own conspiracy theory.

In the Matrix they resembled parts of the bible because of the oracle who was turned out to be bad in the other films is like the False Prophet in the Bible and they have Neo resemble Christ for giving his life to save those of Zion and Zion is in the bible.

What inspired the matrix was the Occult series Ghost In The Shell and in the first movie the spontaneous life form of the net seems to really be satin or something evil (it is called the 'puppet master') and it tries to spread it's mark through the mostly cyborg person Motoko to spread more life forms on the net by combining with her. In their newer film Innocence they quote the bible and have it odd.

I have many more conspiracy theories. Dream Works is evil and owns Ghost in the Shell now, and in the anime Mnemosyne it tries to incorporate religious aspects and is evil. The main character appears good, but says she isn't. None of them are.

Mnemosyne includes a flower from hell that makes people paranoid. In Batman Begins they use a flower to induce fear and also try to spread it through water vapor like in Mnemosyne and the movie XXX. Shrek (Dream Works) also has a blue flower and may be a hint like other things.

I have more proof and conspiracy theories.
Well I will touch on the red algae part. Its thought in the bible when the sea was turned to blood was actually this algae. It has natural toxins and helped block out sunlight killing all living things in the water.

Now as far as posting something that threatens others if they don't continue the post I will break the link right now so no one else will have to post it. That is one of my pet peeves I see on the internet and always hate how you must repost this or something bad will happen to you. I never pass them on and I'm still fine.
Belief bias occurs when we make illogical conclusions in order to confirm our preexisting beliefs. Belief perseverance refers to our tendency to maintain a belief even after the evidence we used to form the belief is contradicted.
Please do so. I hate chain letters, even ones with a 'good' message and never pass them along. I will post some things on my forum if I think the content helpful but I never forward chain letters. I have told my sister to please quit forwarding crap like that but she still does it. I may have to block her, and you know I don't want to do that.
Also, Lauren, my adopted daughter, my granddaughter, receives text message such as this too. I had to upgrade my cell plan because of this. Text at 20 cents a message and she had $128 worth in one month, received mostly of this type. Rolleyes


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