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How To Get Rid Of Demons!
(07-26-2017, 01:40 AM)YumeShinigami Wrote: I'v been
on meds not even meds help. I'm tired of people telling me to go see a psychyatrist. I'm starting to think it might be mental and supernatural at the same time however.

What meds are you on, or have you been on & who have you seen?
Also who has told you to see a psychiatrist?
In part as a result of seeing a close friend go through hell until he received the help that he really needed, rather than the ignorance of fools. I changed my career direction & retrained in mental health & I can tell you from my own personal experience of many people who have had thoughts of being spiritually attacked in some way or another, due to thier mental health. It is not uncommon, far from it.
Sadly most unwell people think there is nothing wrong with them, until helped
The reality is that there is a whole world of unwell people out there prepared to engage with you & others going through really bad times & in the process create even bigger problems for you.
A Jesuit priest friend always tells me that the first duty of anyone investigating an alledged possession, or similar, is to fully investigate the mental health of the person involved FIRST & properly.
Good, evil & all between comes from within or through us. So how can we cure the spirit if we do not start with the mind?
The correct solution should always be given, not just with good support & thought. But with coincided, health appropriate evaluation for it not to be a negative.
I'v been on a few types of meds. I tried zolof which is suppose to help with intrusive thoughts. It didn't do anything.
I think ill about everyone around me. (Want bad things to happen) when i really don't. I never had any problems growing up i was perfectly fine and healthy. Then i'v been told i have a demon named cresil well it's puppet attached to me.I don't know how accurate this is but i have a ton of bad luck in my life i can't seem to get a break.
Zoloft is best described in simple terms as an anti depressant, they can help with core issues causing intrusive thoughts & are often prescribed by GP's as they believe they can write a prescription for it in reasonable safety & often it works.
The problem doctors face is that any medication comes with potential side effects & so they clearly want to start with what they perceive as the least risk to the patient.
It is perfectly normal for the first prescribed medication to not work work completely. So, no matter what the issue, it often takes some thought, effort & several different prescriptions to find the best solution.
At what age did this problem start? There are common trigger ages, for such feelings & thoughts. Or was it a life issue? The common age onsets also coincide with life changes & experiences.
Mid teens to early 20's being a good example. Very few people do not see big changes in their mid to late teens as they leave school, take exams etc & of course early 20's is leaving University as well as being common for big relationship changes, newish work / career pressures etc. Maybe starting to live on your own, have a child all sorts of pressure & emotional changes.

Well i need some kind of help wether it's spiritual or medical. Haven't gotten the right kind of help yet. I'm always tired always think negative and other health problems. Before all my bad luck i was completely fine.
You sound like you need to sit down with a doctor & be listened to. It may take a change of medication, but things can change. Negative feeling can make your life feel so much harder & less plesant than it needs to be & fighting through every day is tiring.
Well i don't know what i need,but i really did have a demon named cresil.
(07-27-2017, 08:19 PM)YumeShinigami Wrote: Well i don't know what i need,but i really did have a demon named cresil.

And you know this how?
Belief bias occurs when we make illogical conclusions in order to confirm our preexisting beliefs. Belief perseverance refers to our tendency to maintain a belief even after the evidence we used to form the belief is contradicted.
(07-27-2017, 08:19 PM)YumeShinigami Wrote: Well i don't know what i need,but i really did have a demon named cresil.

YumeShinigami. I cannot even start to calculate the number of people I have come into contact with, who are definitely in direct communication with someone one, or some being, where the rest of the world would possibly have reason to doubt them.
Sometimes those people are admitted informally without being sectioned. So they have a diagnosis, but are not forcibly detained under one (or more) of a number of mental health act sections.
But sadly all too often I see people as a direct result of an action that has resulted as a result of that communication, with that being. And very sadly all too often that detention is for a criminal act as a result of that communication.
Typical examples would be someone stalking someone, as they are not really in communication or in a relationship with them. Someone sending unreasonable numbers of communications to someone such as an MP or a priest. Or to a body such as the Police, the council etc. Or as a result of someone harming themselves by walking in front of a vehicle that the being has specified. or jumping from a specified location. Or someone harming themselves or property in some other way as a result of that communication.
Very few people who the public would describe as hearing voices. Just hear voices. They are real beings to them & they are in full communication with them.
And not all "voices" or beings are unpleasant to the person experiencing it. And just because the voice, being or thought pattern is not one that frightens, distresses or causes real physical harm in some way. It does not mean it does not damage the quality of life for that person or that it does not in some way harm their life or the life of those around them.
Kayt: Hm well none of that has happened,but my thoughts tell me to do really bad things.
I get demonic thoughts wether there a mental illness or not. Never had this issue growing up.
I knew someone who went through what you are saying. She was schitzo and psychic or maybe she was just plain schitzo
i have no idea what to believe about people anymore.People online have told me i have one people who can supposedly communicate. I never had any issues with my thoughts or anything until i got one.
(02-23-2009, 04:33 PM)Haunted Wrote: In response to the OP:

All I can say is that this method does not work, I can prove it if need be. But first of all, a "demon" is what to you?? Like an evil, invisible, devil looking monster with horns? Because you are going into religion with your methods and I'm sorry but you need to fully understand what that word "demon" derived from and the history behind it's portrayal because it's actually much different than most people think. Just do some homework and you'll see. 

To defeat an evil spirit though, as those that do possess and cause trouble for the living are simply ahole humans in spirit form, jerks who have died. No monsters any different than in the world of the living except that they do have the upper hand with being invisible and having different senses, powers, per se, that we just do not know enough about to truly fight... Science over religion wins, I'm sorry but it does. This is why we don't drill holes into the head of a person who has headaches anymore to "let the demons out". We are learning more, trust me there are people out there who know some crazy real stuff about afterlife but the same goes with aliens... Who will believe it, who will care and what would it do to our society??? But as technology advances and things like dark matter being investigated further into (the only thing I could conceive they are made of - yes, science works better than religion). And yeah, I'm still learning how to use my brain again for myself, I'm serious, so I may sound kinda kookie but I am actually quite smart and trying to figure some things out and get some answers and real solutions.

My story of possession is quite crazy, as I'm sure everyone who has ever gone through such a horrific experience would concur. I was always way too curious (hence my handle) and since a teenager I played with many items from the world of the occult because I somehow received better results than others and it made me feel special, I guess. I know now that I must be extremely vulnerable in ways I can't yet understand to the spirit world. I was playing with evp's, cameras, and a good ol' spirit box 3 years ago. I kept getting amazing results. I even began posting on YouTube because it was insane what I was hearing! I got a very angry, ahole of a spirit though who would just sit there cussing at me. It began to scare me and I heard a voice beg me, on the spirit box - using my family name (?!!) and making me believe that my deceased family was contacting me, to stop using the spirit box. I tried for awhile but I began using it again and the disturbing language (cussing me out, saying "let me lick your *****" etc) continued only this time I decided to get angry and cuss that ahole out! He warned me and told me to stop "eavesdropping" as he called it. Then I felt something eerie and I got out the only thing I could think of, anointing oils, and began marking crosses above every door and window, I put that stuff everywhere! Then I got hit, felt like a tornado spun my brain around - if that makes sense, and a voice say "that's not going to help you". I was now possessed. This I NEED TO EDIT MY POST TO REMOVE THIS - Profanity is not allowed took over my mind, pretending to be my subconscious or "that little voice in your head", made me do some crazy things that ended me in a mental facility for 2 months. I was on heavy doses of pain killers (morphine sulfate) for a severely painful disease I have and it convinced me to stop talking it cold turkey (the medicine was obviously clouding parts of my mind making it harder for him to control me or such is my guess). So I stopped taking my medicine and went into extreme withdrawals which made me insanely vulnerable and believe everything this ahole was saying to me. It ripped my family apart for a bit but I have had a long road of trial and error figuring out this aholes weaknesses. 

I live in a small town and I (with some help from him as he kept leaving weird hints like he wanted to be discovered but thru a game and thought he was famous for what he did to kill himself) was able to actually find out who he was. He was an 18 year old boy who shot himself in the head a few days after high school graduation. Saw his Facebook page and everything where i then head the ability to begin judging him and seeing his weaknesses, thankfully. I was finally able to see that this was indeed a person, not some mystical creature and a person I could talk to. I was able to talk sense into him at times to get him to tell me things but he is still mentally ill, not knowing any better than when he was alive. 

If you only knew what I experienced in my imagination via this punk kids fun game with me, during the first few months of this pure hell it was scarier than any horror movie or anything I can think of. I will say though that this has made me fearless, I am a very strong person now who doesn't fear much due to hitting the worst fears in my life. 

My story is insane, a hard one to believe as nobody wants to believe something like this is plausable. I was taken over a few times, I was delirious at times, i would talk to walls, I'd hear multiple voices talking to me yet nobody could figure out what was wrong with me so I rode it out, there was no cure. 

I wanted to talk to his family... I've even thought of hurting his family somehow to get revenge somehow for what he has done to me and my family but his family has already been hurt pretty badly. I'm dealing with a mentally ill person, sociopath, suicidal, homicidal (oh yeah, he made me believe that I needed to try to kill myself with a drug overdose in order to not go through the pain of my father in law chopping my body up due to him being in the mafia and wanting to kill me --- yes, that insane!!). These aholes have a "life span" though. They get weaker over time and their "powers" disappear. He's currently still with me, yay (sarcasm), but he only messes with me these days to see how strong he still is. I believe he is doing this to cut his energy quicker being that he is a suicidal spirit (???) and this acheives nothing but who knows. I do like to remind him that he's a coward and a *****  for sticking around because at this point he's not achieving anything except comfort from me and escaping the hell in his own mind/energy/ether world, what have you. Being in my head is probably better than being alone and full of his own "demons". 

But my biggest advice after all I've been through is to stay away from communicating with spirits. We don't know much about them to go venturing and exploring into what is dangerous territory.  Don't give them any opportunity, people don't become nicer after they die and I think that's a common misconception. And if you happen to get possessed I suggest doing the most annoying things. I'm not kidding. The things I've done and watched just to mess with the ahole who rests in my body drives him nuts, he let's me know with his little fits but I love being able to fight back psychologically and finding what he hates, finally! Which is also a great technique for keeping yourself safe if you do feel bad energy in your home - bring abundance of happiness and beautiful music, go out of your way to own your home and yourself with the most positive and uplifting things - even if that means blasting some spice girls music, I'm not kidding! They can hear by ways of vibration just like we hear (sounds are actually vibrations...) and getting them to leave by carrying on with life and being the happiest you can be is the best solution. Do not feed into these aholes, that is what will open you up to vulnerability! And do not be afraid, they are no better than you unless you let them know they have more power than you do. Any questions?? Lol
Thanks for letting me share that!

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