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Ideas on how to get rid of shadow people?
(12-03-2009, 05:05 PM)Haunted Lady Wrote: Witchmom I have never heard of using bells, that's an awesome idea!

Sound is really good for cleansing a space! Use it as you would a sage smudging. Ring the bell and say your mantra.

Like when I cleanse my space (which I do weekly to get rid of negative junk that has collected like feelings from a bad day at work or what not) I use either my bell or my sage wand and go around the room counter clockwise (to rid space of negativity) and say something like

" I cleanse this space in the name of the Lord and Lady (or insert deity of choice name here). Let nothing but love enter and let nothing but love leave. Let no negativity remain. So mote it be"

Then over all the doors and windows I draw a pentagram with the smoke(if i'm smudging). Or you could do a cross or what ever symbol of your faith.

I also lay sea salt above all the doors and window frames in my home.

We have had some nasties in the past and I take extra percautions at times. But it helps relieve the tension in the rooms and house if people are extra negative.
Thank you Witchmom! I appreciate that you kindly made sure to point out that a smudging or cleansing can be used by any religion in order to expel energies.

Some think it is solely a Pagan or Wiccan practice, when it is in fact the action of proclaiming the authority over a space which makes it effective.
I think most religions do it. I know Catholics use holy water in doorways sometimes...its the same principal I believe.

Smudging is used alot in Native American culture.

When i dont have sage I just use works just as well
WitchMom78 Wrote:Smudging is used alot in Native American culture.

When i dont have sage I just use works just as well

Smudging was & still is used alot as you've said~even if we don't practice all the old ways, we do alot of
smudging for various things. It works really well~if sage or incense isn't available sweetgrass works too..
"To really ask is to open the door to the whirlwind.
The answer may annihilate the question and the questioner."
Thanks for all of your ideas! I haven't seen the shadow since that night but we have felt an uncomfortable presence in the house from time to time. I have put up chimes and done a cleanse in the house, and told everyone to tell it to just go away if they see or feel it. I definitely agree that being pregnant has made me a bit more vulnerable and sensitive.
threads kind of old but so what.

i was feeling uncomfy in my house, mostly the living room and my room. i kept talking to whatever it was. ive seen a shadow person a few times, i never felt threatnd just uncofortable. tell them that you dont mind them being here you just want them to respect you and you will respect them.

i still do once in awhile because of whatever it is, natural or supernatural. but just talk to it. even if its natural talking to it might trick your brain into thinking everything is ok and there is no reason to feel uncomfortable
Evilgrin bat
(04-19-2010, 09:30 PM)PontiacTempest Wrote: i still do once in awhile because of whatever it is, natural or supernatural. but just talk to it. even if its natural talking to it might trick your brain into thinking everything is ok and there is no reason to feel uncomfortable

Probably the best advice on any situation - be it to do with the paranormal or any problem you face. Talking about it is a good way to convince your mind it is being sorted and will make you more comfortable in your surroundings.

Personally I would be intrigued to see a shadow person properly and study it rather than getting rid of it, but I guess each to their own and it is your home after all. Even though this thread is old, I hope it all turned out for the best and that the little one is growing up well Smile
Well, when dealing with shadow people (beings of shadow that feed on fear) Try smudging your house (windows, doorways, rooms and such) with white sage and/or lavender.
Wind-chimes might also work to dissuade them from inhabiting your house.
Ignoring them also works, they have no fear to feed on, and they just get bored and leave (as with what happened with the shadow birds of my house)

Hope this helped Icontexto-emoticons-01-032x032
i also heard that windchimes work, it was something like its a distraction to negative energy. i forgot where i heard it
Evilgrin bat
Hmm i just realized you posted this in '09 so i hope they have left you alone, if not then I hope that a few of the things I say might help you.
I have been plagued most of my life with shadow people, they come and go and no joke they just returned last night so I was looking online as well for some more guidance. I have friends that helped me out a few years back when one possessed me, and yes they can possess you if you let them.
First thing is that if you show them fear they will be more likely to harm or possess you, they feed off of fear. If you are possessed its a very minor possession in the beginning, I don't know exactly how to rid your body of the shadow person because my friend did it for me so I would advise a specialist. But the likelihood of you or someone close to you being possesed is pretty low.
Second get some wind chimes, it helps spook them off a little, i place them above my window . . .and if your animals start acting wierd that is a good sign they are in your house.
Also have your house blessed, you can do it yourself by buying some dried sage and lighting it, start from the North to South than East to West . . . also if and when you light the sage or any candles try to remember that you need to bless the flame, try something like "Please let on the good and pure pass through this flame and bless my home" or something close to that so it won't allow bad beings into your home, if possible get a warding charm from a Buddist Priest or have a Catholic Priest bless your home, if your not religious them you can try your best to do it yourself.
These things help pretty well to keep them out of my house, but don't really do much for when you are outside, I would recommend a special charm but they are hard to make or obtain. . . i can see that others posted similar things So all i can really do now is wish you the best of luck =]

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