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Is this sleep paralysis??
It's an involuntary OOBE (out of body experience). I have astral travelled before (intentionally) and i found that when i went back into my body it took a short while before i could move again.

All my life I always wanted to be somebody. Now I see that I should have been more specific...
(11-22-2009, 05:37 PM)eyepriestess Wrote: It's an involuntary OOBE (out of body experience). I have astral travelled before (intentionally) and i found that when i went back into my body it took a short while before i could move again.

It was most certainly involuntary! (Obviously) but every single time I tried to wake up I could NOT move my body, and I EASILY popped right out of my body and it was so frustrating and scary because I had no idea why it was happening! Weird. And it never happened again either. I have seriously been wondering what the heck that was for years! Is there any reason or explanation? Or just simply something that randomly happened to me?
(11-22-2009, 04:51 PM)deffine Wrote:
(11-21-2009, 04:00 AM)alphamaledevon Wrote: Well let me tell you that I'm new to this and I feel the welcome already!!! Now with this SP, I will get it like every other time when i go to sleep at night with the lights off. There would be different types of events I recall happening to many to name but lest start with a couple of vivid ones: One night, I was went to sleep and in the middle of the night I awoke with paralysis and I seen a few white human figures like moving around. I'm not sure if there where happy or not but I know for sure they were waving at me and one of them touch my big toe. I wanted to give them a thumbs up but you know... I couldn't move lol. Another occansion, where I went to sleep in I woke up the same way and I know there something else there.... But here is the whole twist to it! At the same time there was something inside of me wanting to be release, let go and destroy whatever was in the room at the time! I kept hearing it in my head saying killer, and kill it. I know whatever was in the room was not good at all and whatever was inside me wanted to hurt so badly where I could feel this different and powerful feeling and my body was trying it damnest to move and get up to destroy this thing in the room.

I had a few experience like that. I can promise you that if im in any house or hotel by myself, its gonna happen again and again. I'm trying to figure out is what is this inside of me that wanting to destroy what was whatever was in the room every time I would come across SP in the dead time? Can someone help me out with it???

wow great story.... sorry never heard of this scenirio. White figures thats new, usally they are black. Dou go to church?
probly u have a demon side of u that u have accepted 2 live with u and show, and talk to u in your mind when u dont want it too.
or the white figures are spirital aliens or repitians that are passing by and ur soul hates them because u soul knows more wat u know.

haha as u can see i have no idea. but when ur in sp you can see and feel the spirital side

the only help i can say is sleep for 8 hours every night not enough sleep causes this. please read the other blog to get wat im saying

I dont know. It's not nothing scary... I find it more entertaining then anything. I remember them clear as day. But I didnt have any ill feelings towards them. I wanted to wave hi back. It was other situations where there was something else in the room which stirred up these emotions. I dont know.
i think that your experience was an out of body experience gone bad.

all other accounts i hear of like this, mine included, i've had several, include a visible malicious darkness and the feeling a terrible weight pressing down on your body.

i had one the other night WITHOUT the dark entity so i think it was just me trying to wake up from a particulary disturbing dream yet my spirit was wandering while i was asleep and not yet ready for me to awake. there was the terrible weight pressing me back down into the couch and also a feeling of being drugged and being forced to close my eyes and sleep again.

from everything i've been reading tonight i think the heavy weight has to be the contrast of being a free spirit and then being back in your body, yet not able to control it yet. like i said, i think we become aware before we're supposed to.
(11-17-2009, 12:30 PM)paperbutterfly Wrote: I've been needing some answers to this for a long time now. As soon as I saw the section for Sleep Paralysis, I immediately thought of an experience I had around 3-4 years ago.

I was napping in my bed before I had to be to work. I probably needed to be there for 5pm or around then. Anyway, I woke up, got out of bed and went to look out my window. Then I looked back at my bed and saw myself still sleeping there on the bed. I just thought "what the heck?!?!!!!!!" Then I found myself trying to wake up again. I then woke up, got out of bed, only to realize it happened again. My body was still on the bed sleeping. I did this SEVERAL times, and it started to get terrifying that I couldn't move a muscle, or wake up at ALL. I started just sitting up in bed and immediately looking down to see if I was REALLY awake or not, and to my horror I was not. I was still there in the same exact position, sleeping in my bed!!!! Not only that, but I would get up out of my body each time and get so scared that I just couldn't get up. I even feared I was somehow in a coma. I mean it was scary. I don't even remember how many times I ended up outside of my body in attempts to REALLY wake up. It was probably around 5-10 times. It was ridiculous and again... scary.

When I FINALLY woke up I remember trying to SCREAM as loud as I could and literally flailing my entire body in a final attempt to successfully wake up because nothing else was working. It worked. I JUMPED out of bed screaming, and was so happy to finally be REALLY awake. It scared me so much. It' hasn't happened to me since. I did have a feeling however that it was some kind of psychic attack on me. i don't know.

Do you have any explanations that might help?

Sounds like you had a little more than just SP. Until you saw yourself, you were having an OBE. SP is very alarming however it is very natural and harmless. Once you get past the fear you can start to experience controlled OBE's.

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