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2012 is it really going to happen?
yeh, I know you didnt, the supposed Mayans did, ya know the people who did human sacrficies to please their deities, yeh sounds like
reliable folks alright Big Grin
The goverment of the United States has told NASA that if anything comming from space that was going to hit the earth and wipe all life on the planet, they are not aloud to alert the planet about the impending doom and cause a social break down of the entire planet
Yea Doc i gotcha i don't ever rely on man eating monsters!
Well... Who am I to question... Frown I thought i was disabled from the forum
When the end comes, the Believers will know before anyone else.
(11-11-2009, 09:42 PM)Indiangirl Wrote: My daughter is terrified of this date. I hate it. It makes her cry to even think about it. She is only 12. She wants to see the movie, but I think I'm gonna have to say no to that.
I don't know if it will happen. I think NASA trying to debunk it is a waste of money, though. It either will happen or it won't.

When I was little I had terrible fears of the end coming soon. some from the religious beliefs that my parents instilled in me & 1 during the Cuban missile crisis.
I wasted a lot of time & energy worrying at the time.It actually effected my life & my school work. Well I'm still here and so is the planet.
I hope your daughter will see that all this is just speculation.
If the Mayans knew soo much - where are they now? LOL.
The only wrong questions - are those that go unasked

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