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US Preparing for UFO Attack???
That's some pretty scary classified information. Makes you wonder if it is related to 2012.

I agree, I would be more concerned or worried about human reaction and behavior to this classified information.
Also, as previously stated, how on earth do you pass a bill when you don't know what it is due to so much classification.

I wonder if every time he sayed classified if it really said that and only that, or was he able to read what all of this classified information is.
Sucks to be me, (pun intended)
This is what Bill Cooper was talking about.

The 9/11 fraud was simply a preparatory excercise in fooling the world into believeing in false attacks.

Next ... alien attack!! Allowing the governments of the world to declare marshall law, and start using those large camps dotted arond the place.

The objective is a world population of 500 million.
guys, it isnt real, its from the onion.
"Watch the skies!!......Watch the skies!!!!" UFO
(10-22-2009, 12:36 PM)CMF Wrote: guys, it isnt real, its from the onion.

No, those dots that drblow mentioned are real. They are being put on mailboxes to determine whether you will be shot on site, dragged to a prison camp or used as a slave. It is all through FEMA. They will show up at your house at 4:00 a.m. 2 weeks before martial law is imposed. The people who speak out about the New World order will be the first to go; people like politicians, talk show hosts, etc. The people that will go to the prisons are the people who oppose it, but are scared to say much. The slaves are the ones who are too scared to fight. Everyone, unless conformed, will die eventually. People are already finding dots on their mailboxes. Some people think it has to do with the mail route. Some think it has to do with the paper route. It has to do with the New World order.
"It sounded like a bad fry, unimportant, with a bowl of rice." ~ Victor

"When someone loves you, the way they say your name is different. You just know that your name is safe in their mouth." ~ Billy, age 4


It's from the Onion. It's not real.
WT.... was that ummmm classified Huh I guess hmmm classified Frown Well oh that's classified Big eyes thanks for oh that's classified Crossbones well have a wow that's also classified !!! Horse
hey I got a red dot on my mailbox, I guess theyre coming for me, been wondering, what's taken 'em so long.
what does Hulk Hogan have to do with this, he's been everywhere lately.
actually, I put that dot there. That way we can monitor what your every move Devil Smiley
Sucks to be me, (pun intended)
I just laughed out loud; Classified.
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Noah: We die.

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