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Poll: Scared Stiff?
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Yes it can happen
14 87.50%
No its just a gag for humor
0 0%
There is someting simular....
2 12.50%
Total 16 vote(s) 100%
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Can you really be "Scared Stiff?"
I read a story once(unsure if it actually happened), of a man who jumped a freight train-got locked in and realized he was in the freezer car. When they found him he was dead-but the refridgeration wasnt working.Amazing what are minds can do due to fear AND power of suggestion.
well this is a question thats gonna keep me wondering imma do so researhing ill be back
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(09-16-2009, 04:17 AM)Pitch Potter Wrote: I don't know about the stiff part unless they are so scared that they can't move because they don't know what to do. But people have died from heart attack during frighting ordeals. So, yes you can be scared to death.

You said exactly what I wanted to say... Thank you Icontexto-emoticons-01-032x032
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There are a great many things, not necessarily supernatural, that can scare someone "stiff." The question didn't mention death.

As a child of 4 or 5 years old, my older brother was hiding under the bed that I was laying on. He reached up through a space between the box springs, mattres and the headboard. He covered my eyes and pulled my head downward hardly. I froze for a couple of seconds, then I was OK. He claims he was hiding at the foot of the bed and grabbed my feet. Hmmm. I would have kicked him for sure if he had grabbed me by my feet.

While I was frozen, my mind was racing with thoughts of who or what had a hold on me. That was the only time in my life that I was frozen "stiff." I was a very young child. Now I'm a bit of an old man. I don't "rattle" easily.

I think people like soldiers and law enforcement have dealt with this problem. I suspect some didn't correct their condition quick enough, and they wound up dead for "hesitating." Icontexto-emoticons-07-032x032
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Yes, a hundred times, yes. Every memory I have getting seriously frightened I freeze in place to the point someone has to snap me back out of it. Maybe I just overreact!

One time when I was in high school I stayed the night at a friend's and we watched scary movies til late at night. We were the only ones awake in the living room when a figure appeared at the door. I could only make out the outline of someone neck and face. We both saw it, but our reactions were very different. I, froze in fear, unable to move or take my eyes off what I was seeing, and my friend who started pounding on her parents door. It's quite comical looking back at it, but we were geniunely afraid. Once her mom woke up and said it was only the mom of a child she takes care of at night since the mom worked up until late. We had quite a good laugh especially at my frozen state. We joked saying if there was ever a real serial killer after us, my friend would have to carry me running. Big Grin
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As my own answer to the question, let me just leave this here:

I think some people react to fright and shock differently. Some people are just really good at reacting in crisis or high fear situations and other people freeze up or their muscles spasm wildly.

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