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My Son's First Paranormal Experiance
About a week ago my son and I were walking  on my mother in law’s tree farm out in the middle of East Texas.

My son asked “Dad did you see that man” of course I was looking the other way. 

He than tells me he saw a man in some tribal outfit and wearing a Red Fox mask and also pointing a torch at my son.

We went back and he described what he saw to his mom and grandma. Grandma said ” That’s the properties guardian spirit and by pointing the torch the spirit was saying I acknowledge you”.

Since then my son wants to see the spirit again. Even thought my mother in law assured my it's the guardian spirit.

My biggest question is this more of message or warning? And has anyone else have any experiences with Native American spirits? If so I would like to hear you stories.
I'll just start off by saying that I do not have any experiences with Native American spirits. That being said, I also want you to feel as if your post was read (as it was by me). So, I'll just drop a post here.

It seems as if your mother-in-law has a lot more knowledge on the topic of Native American guardian spirits. If what it means with the torch is to say "I acknowledge you", then I don't think you have to worry about it being any type of threat or warning. Truth is, about 90% of the time, you'd know pretty quickly what is coming off as a threat message or warning. Just think about how we, as humans, posture ourselves in moments of aggression and uncertainty. A little more knowledge about body-language and the general behaviours of different human interactions would definitely help you here. Hell, it would even help you in your day-to-day. It's always good to be able to read a room and its "group field".

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