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TV and other paranormal events post death
So to give a brief overview, my grandmother that acted as a mother to me and my sister for most of my childhood passed earlier last year.  

My mother (her daughter) began to experience events the following week as did I.  She walked outside where her vehicle was and the lights flashed without the remote in her hand, there are figurine salt and pepper shakers on the stove which were standing on their head several times after being reset.  The Keurig coffee maker turned on for no reason and turned on for me the second she returned home.  I was talking with her and the dishwasher turned on and nobody was near the buttons, when I asked my mother if she turned it on she advised she hadn't even added soap yet.  

This activity all stopped for a long time but recently we lost a pet in the house that my mother loved dearly.  Shortly afterwards, an old (10 or so years) Polaroid television began to turn on by its own in an upstairs room (remote has one battery in it and this has never happened in all the years we lived there).  After this, the television would randomly be on if we checked on it.  I decided to move the television downstairs to debunk interference from the room.  When I moved the television, it began to turn itself on and off randomly and sometimes would turn on and stay on but the screen would turn completely white and even appear as though blurred letters were hidden on the screen.  It would always turn on to channel 105.  The most notable was a week ago when it began to turn on and off repeatedly the entire time my mother was on the phone with my sister.  It all stopped after the phone call ended.  

I have ordered a Mel Meter to see if I can pick up anything.  The events haven't lasted long enough to capture EVP.  I wish I had an SLS cam but those are $400 or so.   

What is everyone's thoughts?  Any suggestions to confirm or solidify what is going on?  I'd like to think the TV has a glitch but Ive ruled out most theories.
Weak battery in the remote, bad resister, power fluctuation, defective sensor, and on an on.
Belief bias occurs when we make illogical conclusions in order to confirm our preexisting beliefs. Belief perseverance refers to our tendency to maintain a belief even after the evidence we used to form the belief is contradicted.
I see no reason why a pet passing would cause a television to behave strangely.  Personally, as a Christian, I don’t believe animals have souls.  That isn’t a dis on animals, mind you, as angels don’t have souls, either.  That little slight is what pissed Lucifer off in the first place.  Still, without a soul, a dog or cat or goldfish wouldn’t be able to come back as a ‘ghost.’  Even if it could, why would it mess with yr television?

It seems much more likely to be a result of an old and failing piece of electronics.  Screens go bad over time, computer chips malfunction, wires fray… my television used to periodically turn on, of its own accord, until my father told me to replace the batteries.  So yeah, sounds like it’s just time to get a new TV.

Unless the loved animal friend happened to be a ferret.  If a ferret had a soul and came back as a ghost, it would totally mess with yr TV remote, just to screw with you…

As to the earlier events, those are a bit more complicated and… honestly… you haven’t provided enough information to make an accurate account of what happened.  The coffee maker turned on for no reason?  The last coffee maker I had… and this is well over 15 years ago… had options to automatically brew at a certain time.  Maybe someone changed the settings without telling you.  I once got freaked out because my car alarm went off when I was 10’ away and not holding my key fob, only to realize that it was in my pocket and I was clutching a grocery bag to that side of my coat. 

Now, supposing this is true paranormal activity… the spirit of yr grandmother attempting to communicate with yr mother.  I can make a case both for it and against it.  However, it would require assumptions about yr family life that I’m not comfortable making without yr assent.  So, let me know if you want me to go that route.

8 )
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