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Unexplained Occurance (looking for advice)
Me and my flatmate often go out walking to feed the waterfowl on and around the lake. A few times now we have felt uneasy and uncomfortable, always at the same point. Today it went one step further, we went to our normal feeding spot only to find over half our usual bunch missing. There were unexplained noises behind us and every time we turned they stopped. Putting this down to a fox we moved on to try and find our lost ducks. We approached the same spot we have felt uncomfortable in the past, and once again felt a wave of unease pass over both of us. Pushing past it, we approached the waters edge. As we got close, a line of water rapidly approached us, looking made up of individual drops and seemed to “leap” onto the bank at our feet, almost looking like raindrops in reverse and angled at us. We continued to feel watched and uneasy until we left, an even then did not settle until we re-entered the house.

We have since debunked it being any ducks and checked the entire area-any that were close could not have done this. We are at a loss as to what this could have been. Any advice or suggestion as to what this could be would be welcome.

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