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Knock Knock Knock
I'll be blunt.  I am looking for an answer.  You see, I'm kinda having a rough time of late.  Sometimes I question the existence of God, or an afterlife, or my faith.
So, one night, as I lay in bed, I heard three loud knocks.  Several nights later, I heard a phone ring three times.  And crazier still, I also heard three trumpet blasts another time.

I am puzzled.  Am I trying to be re-assured (in a good way), or are the "3 knocks" a "mocking of the Trinity" and I should be fearful/worried/cautious.

Moreover, whenever I inadvertently glance at the clock, or wake up and check what time it is, it reads: 12:12 or 1:11 or 3:33.  Freaky, I know.

Can anyone offer any help with these occurrences?

Thank you.
I’m sorry to hear you’ve been having a rough time, of late.  As a person of faith myself, I get it.  I think we all go through periods where we question things.  I’m not sure how much I can offer in the way of reassurance or help, but I can say that doubt is a normal, even integral, part of faith.  You’re not alone.

As to answers… I may have some, but they might not be the sort yr looking for.

Let’s break this down.  You heard 3 unexplained knocks, then a phone rings 3 times, then you hear 3 trumpet blasts.  Without further context, none of those things scream paranormal.  Uncommon, maybe, but not outside of the realm of rational possibility.  What ties them together is the number 3.

There’s a psychological concept called the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon.  The basic idea is that, once something is on yr mind, yr more likely to notice it when it turns up.  For instance, maybe a girl breaks yr heart… or someone you love dies… and you keep thinking you see that person wherever you go, only to realize it’s just some stranger who looks remarkably like the person you lost.  Chances are, those people had always been around, you just never noticed them before.  You had no reason to.

Now, it’s clear that the number 3 is obviously on yr mind.  It even comes out in yr writing.  In this short post, you question God, the afterlife and yr faith.  You glance at the clock and it reads 12:12, 1:11 and 3:33.  And the sound occurrences… knocks, rings and trumpets.  All of these examples, you give in threes.  Taken into consideration, it’s no big surprise that you would take special note of things that happen in threes.  But surely, over that time, events have occurred that couldn’t be broken down to the number 3.  Maybe a dog barked at you 4 times, or you had or a car honked it’s horn twice.  Maybe you found 4 pennies on the counter at Starbucks or had 2 missed calls on yr cellphone… whatever they were, far more events happened over than time that you simply took no note of, as they didn’t fit the pattern you had established.

Chances are, all this is simply a symptom of yr doubts and yr mind trying to make sense of yr inner turmoil.  You acknowledge as much, when you question if you might just be looking for reassurance.  Still, you also wonder if it could be something more sinister… a ‘mocking of the Holy Trinity.’

As to that?  Well, we can rule out demonic forces.  Demons simply don’t have the capacity touch the physical world in this manner.  Not from a Christian perspective.  They do tend to be drawn to people who are weak or in a weakened state… people who are addicts or clinically depressed or, yes, questioning their faith… but they can’t actually interact with you or affect yr life unless you reach out to them first.  And, even then, they can’t affect the physical world.  They can’t move objects or make sounds or cause you pain.  It’s simply not in the skill set God has allowed them.

God does allow the souls of those in Heaven and Purgatory a limited ability to touch the physical realm, providing their intentions are benevolent.  A warning, or a sign for a grieving loved one that it’s ok to move on.  But as I understand it, those are generally subtle, simple acts… nothing so elaborate as you describe.  So, again… I think this is all comes down to yr own, personal, struggle.  I see nothing paranormal here.

For my part, I would find that comforting.  I hope you do, as well.
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Very good writing Mika.  You def see a few layers deeper than most.

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