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5 Years later after posting here
Hi All,

I've posted about my horrifying experience 5 years ago. you can find it here

if you're curious what I am talking about you can go read it and catch on .

I've came here to update what happened to me then so I can spill my guts out on what I think (if anyone reads this) and safe this as a memory for myself and for the future.

I'm from weird religion, I'll explain about it but thats for a different time , I have many strong religious relatives in my family and one day before this all happened my aunt was found crying in her house all alone, when she was asked what's wrong she didn't know why, but her friend (old religious relative) said that's it's related to me.
a few weeks later after i was at the gym i got my back hurt and didn't walk for a whole month, was all the time on wheelchairs.
I don't know if this was a conuincedence or something related to what's happening in my house

After finally confronting my parents directly and seriously about what happened they called a few relatives of ours who have strong religious beliefs, they came over and started hanging pictures of "Gods" names and religious braceletes around my room, whats funny that I tried to explain to them that im not the only one who hears and experience those things and they weren't in my room they were coming from the house itself (more like the bottom floor)

I don't remember if I mentioned it in the previous thread but after what happened my sister wanted some proof because hearing it in person for the first time it does not come out as serious and sounds more like fiction.

My sister stayed up till 1:40 one night , and she actually hear something , more like a a foot step or a moving chair, same thing with my cousin ( hes my age ) when he came to sleep over, after hearing everything I told him he will hear he couldn't sleep peacefully that night.

Anyway the noises continue for a few years but it didn't bother me alot , just some night when I feel they are getting stronger I stay in my room and lock the doors and the windows untill I pass out till the morning.
Though they weren't not as strong as before when my relatives came over and did all those things. I felt more confident and less negative about those things and they continued to happen less.

Today July 2018 I barely hear them even though I don't stay up at night like I used to.
Some night I do hear things like hard pounding ( I'm sure it's not my parents**) and it's coming from the bottom of the house.

to clear stuff out more about the house I'm living it, it's a house passed on generations but renewed (from 1880 something) . my dad's parents used to live downstairs and before them generations and generations . it's ancient and I think that's the source of the noises and from where they are coming from .

Nothing over paranormal happened in the last few years but I can tell it still exists and I know I'm the only one who can feel it (I'm also pretty sure its not out of fear)
It's less , it's not active but It's still there.

I'll return here to update more or if there was any further questions I'll be gladly to answer

Thanks .

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